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LittleTee76's OMAD journey

LittleTee76LittleTee76 Member, Premium Posts: 13 Member Member, Premium Posts: 13 Member
Hi all! Today marks day 6 for me at 20:4, give or take. As mentioned in my intro post, I have been doing 16:8 since June with some health benefits but not having much luck with weight loss (although I didn't gain, so I guess a good maintenance plan eventually!). Time to kick it up a notch.

I'm planning to update this discussion regularly to keep myself on track.

SW: 170 lbs
CW: 169
GW: 130 (ideal)

I really struggled the first two days with a 4-hour window 4-8 pm, but after that it got easier, although there's a bit of clock-watching happening as I get closer to 4 pm. I have headaches but they dissipate with a bit of pink salt in water. My black coffee intake is up and twice this week I added 1 tsp of MCT powder to my coffee to stave off the hunger pangs. Other than coffee I am drinking mostly sparkling water and flat water, and the odd cup of green tea.

I had one night out at a restaurant this week where I went way, way over my usual caloric intake of about 1100-1200 calories. I felt a bit guilty about that, but tried to remind myself that the OLD ME would have eaten that big meal on top of 1,000 or so calories from breakfast, lunch and snacks all day! So I am counting that as a win.

My workweek routine is to bring a snack to eat at 4 pm, which bridges me until I eat dinner with my family around 6 or so. This week it was a small salad, but next week I'll be better prepared and plan to bring just a hardboiled egg and some veggies. A small amount of protein seems to hold me better than anything else. I guess this isn't exactly OMAD, but I'm counting it as an appetizer! Eventually I would like to cut this snack out, but I'm giving myself some time to adjust to the shorter window first.

Yesterday, being Friday of a long weekend, I extended my window to 9 pm, as my husband and I were enjoying a few glasses of wine. Truth be told, I love my wine... but I think because of OMAD, I'm not able to drink as much as I used to. It hit me pretty hard and today (Saturday) I'm suffering a hangover! But, I'm not giving in... I'm drinking lots of water and black coffee per usual. Lesson learned! Anyway, cutting back on alcohol can only help my weight loss goals, I think.

I had a vacation day yesterday and took my kids to the movies to see the latest Spiderman film. They had popcorn, chocolate and sodas. I had water. This is another HUGE victory for me! Never in a million years did I think I could go to the movies and NOT snack.

I'm hoping this shorter window/OMAD will kickstart more serious weight loss. With 16:8 I wasn't really being consistent on the weekends, so now I am trying to stick to the plan 7 days a week. I find it a lot harder to follow when I'm not at work, as my routine is broken. I have three kids so we are always running around with activities and such, and I'm working on a PhD so I have classes some weekends as well... having coffee and water on hand at all times helps immensely. Three boys also means I prepare a lot of snacks, which tests my willpower. Every day, it gets a little easier.

One more thing: I'm not working out. At all. I do the odd walk when I feel like it, but otherwise, I'm just trying to get in more steps through my day. I'm not adverse to adding exercise in at some point, but I'm trying to make changes slowly, rather than doing it all at once. In the past, I'd go all-in on diet and exercise, and then get overwhelmed and give it all up. So for now, I'm focused on changing my eating for the better.

Wish me luck!


  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,222 Member Member Posts: 1,222 Member
    WOOT!! Welcome and great job getting started!!
  • jadepearljadepearl Member Posts: 1,946 Member Member Posts: 1,946 Member
    Hi there and a warm welcome <3
  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Member, Premium Posts: 927 Member Member, Premium Posts: 927 Member
    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. OMAD is a great way of eating and if you stick with it, you will be sure to see that scale move in the downward direction. Best wishes for your success. This is a great group and you will find loads of support and encouragement from the awesome members here.
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,003 Member Member Posts: 2,003 Member
    Welcome!!! it sounds like you are doing amazing. You are one strong woman not having popcorn at the movies WOW :) ......

    We are here to cheer you on!!!! OMAD has been a huge win for me!
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Member Posts: 3,580 Member Member Posts: 3,580 Member
    So glad you made your own thread! You've got this! A shorter window makes a biggggg difference for me! I can eat my way to a gain in an 8 hours window WITHOUT BLINKING lol! Sounds like you've got some good wins under your belt to keep you motivated! Nice work and keep it up! We're here to help you!
  • LittleTee76LittleTee76 Member, Premium Posts: 13 Member Member, Premium Posts: 13 Member
    Thanks everybody for the votes of confidence! :)

    SW: 172
    CW: 166
    GW: 130

    It's been a good week. I dropped the MCT powder from my coffee, so I'm clean-fasting now, just coffee and water. Last week I did a 24-hour fast... just worked out that way, I was traveling so it was convenient. It was a breeze! Three months ago I never could have imagined going that long. I felt great all day, but definitely didn't drink enough water, so that's another new goal moving forward. Not drinking enough water has unfortunate side effects lol.

    I got through the weekend with at least 18 hours fasted on both days -- a new record! Then, 21+ hours both Monday and today. I will admit, today was a little rough. I think I didn't eat quite enough last night, so I was feeling a bit weak by 1 pm. My Himalayan salt ran out, so I need to stock up to get me through those patches. I was able to push through by getting busy and drinking sparkling water, but I had sugar cravings that were hard to ignore.

    Best of all, I ate whatever I want in my window. I even had some fries on Saturday! Weirdly, I didn't finish them, just couldn't eat any more. A few months ago, I'd be finishing other people's fries. I'm gravitating toward "window-worthy" foods that are higher quality, and a good blend of macros. Funny, I don't feel deprived or restricted.

    This weight I'm at now is as low as I have been able to get on any of the million diets I have tried in the past 2 years. My body stubbornly holds onto the weight, I think. I'm feeling a bit nervous about this small loss. It's hard to shake the feeling that the weight will go right back up again at any moment. My clothes are looser, my joints don't hurt as much, energy and mood are way up most of the time... but the scale does hold power.

    I'm listening to some IF podcasts and one of the success stories talked about how her body needed to heal in many ways, and that had to happen while she did IF before the weight would release. I'm hoping I'm in the same boat. I don't have a ton of health issues, but I definitely have inflammation and some gut problems.

    Well, the only way forward is to just keep at it. Happy fasting everyone!
  • jadepearljadepearl Member Posts: 1,946 Member Member Posts: 1,946 Member
    That's amazing news :) Great job :) Sometimes, even though the scale does not move, you know you loss inches as your clothes are looser and that's good news too :) Keep doing what you are doing as its working :)
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Member Posts: 2,003 Member Member Posts: 2,003 Member
    THose are awesome results and the benefits of OMAD/IF are just simply amazing!!! I agree it has been a huge breeze compared to endless diets. I <3 "window worthy" foods that is a great way to put it!!!

    KUTGW! :D
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Member Posts: 1,222 Member Member Posts: 1,222 Member
    You are doing so great and the weight lost so far is awesome!
    I totally hear you about the weight lost and worrying about it coming back on. Ya know.. sometimes it does. Not even going to lie. You just have to remember to keep going. Don't let bumps in the road stop you. Losing weight is definitely a learning experience and retraining yourself. You got this!
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Member Posts: 3,580 Member Member Posts: 3,580 Member
    Fantastic results dear! Sounds like you're rollin' on through just fine! You're listening to your body and very in tune with how things are affecting you so keep up the good work!
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