Weekly check in and progress reports 17th - 23rd August

a_new_dawn Posts: 517 Member
HEY! Things are a little too quiet around here!! Who's still with us?!!!

We want to "hear" what you have done this week towards your goal.. even small changes up to BIG differences!!


  • hkmurphy83
    hkmurphy83 Posts: 262 Member
    I started Phase 3 today!! HOLAY! That woman is insane but totally knows her stuff. I lost about 5 inches overall and gained 3 lbs in Phase 2. I have really been struggling with my eating, but my workouts have been amazing!! I know I'm doing alright because I've lost a pant size through this whole process so far. I've been hovering between 4-10 lbs away from goal all summer. Here's hoping that I get my eating under control for the last 5 weeks of BR. I'll be doing 2 weeks of WO9&10 and 3 weeks of WO11&12.
  • shell2belle
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    I'm in week two of 5 & 6. I have only lost 3 pounds, but I can tell my pants are a lot looser and I feel a lot stronger. Phase 2 is kicking my butt, and that's good!
  • All4Tris
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    I just started to program yesterday. I've already done the first two workouts! So far, I like the program! I'm not planning on following the meal plan... I haven't even looked at it!
  • kymkan
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    I am on round 2 of JMBR and on week 4. I'm not as strict as I was the first time around because I have am working on other goals (quitting smoking) and am close enough to goal weight that I'm not too concerned about it. I just want to maintain.

    This time around tho, I am using heavier weights and I can do just about all of the advanced moves. I LOVE IT about as much as the first time around!!!

    Keep pushing - it is worth it!!
  • christinarayburn3
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    I'm just hitting the end of phase 1 weeks 1 & 2 - third kick at the can. Am putting a lot more emphasis on my form, and with heavier weights. So far I haven't given in, but I'm not doing the cardio. It's a bit boring; running on the treadmill or going for a bike ride is just as challenging and way more enjoyable for me.
  • romlie
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    I'm very exciting to be starting tomorrow morning! I really hope I can stick with it-it's a lot of commitment. I've seen so many inspiring stories and I'd really like to add myself to the list!
  • Edaq82
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    I'm new to the group and never really post anything, but I love reading the threads for support. I just finished week one. I tried to do the kickstart and made it through four days of two workouts/ day, but my inner calf really started hurting- almost like a shin split- did this happen to anyone else?? Anyhow, I took it easier the past two days and followed the regular plan and today, I'm down two pounds and 5.5" Woo-hoo!
  • svesemenja
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    my first weeks is gone.. i feel proud, but i know harder and harder tings are coming... i feel that my body is much stronger and i dont hear cracking of the shoulders every morning.. :) so thats a big success for me..