UK Low Carb Products - Lizza Anyone?

sas1uk Posts: 37 Member
Been on this WOE for 5 years and have shrunk from over 20 stone to 9 stone 12 pounds this morning.

It works.... clearly.... 😆..... but I'm always on the lookout for helpful products to keep me "engaged". For the days where I just can't be bothered making stuff from scratch, I recommend I use their pizza bases a lot and I've bought some bread mixes to try.

Anyone else tried them, or recommend other stuff I can try?
Thanks. Sas 😊


  • canadjineh
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    Hmmm, German site. Not certain if they ship to Canada, probably too expensive. I'll just make my own Fathead pizza, I think. I have to be gluten free anyhow, so I don't get to eat pizza very often, since I have to have a special crust (although theirs is made with flaxseed.)
  • carine0502
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    I just ordered some Lean Bread from Prozis, it's quite alright actually.
    I saw Lizza ads on FB but I agree fathead is so good and easy! But I may try one day