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  • Lizzie1229
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    Exercised?: Yes.
    Calories?: Yes.
    Tracked?: Yes.
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Dory_42 wrote: »
    Congrats to everyone who succeeded in anything last month!

    @MadisonMolly2017 2 years! That's awesome. We are at 3 and a half months and mostly good although my recipient still has some fluctuations in his levels. Monday's tests will decide if he needs amount biopsy to check that all is good! Wish I wasn't so far away from him for days like that, but he has good support around him.

    Good day for me. Low intensity exercise day so I just did my physio exercises. I allowed myself a slightly higher than normal calorie amount as I was spending the entire day with a friend I haven't seen in years. It was an amazing day even if he didn't like my tarantulas and the weather wasn't cooperating. Stayed within the higher limit so I'm happy.

    Saturday will also be the upper limit of my calorie goals because it's Bokke Day. Rugby world cup final South Africa vs England and obviously I'm backing the Springboks! Before that I'm doing a short hike with our church ladies (there will be cake as our youth pastor birthday yesterday!) And tonight is our monthly sushi sisterhood session (a group of ladies from church do sushi together once a month!)

    Yes, the levels fluctuate a while, but then settle into a happy routine. My Txplant Center does mandatory, routine kidney biopsies at 6 months. I wish your recipient all the best. It definitely gets easier.

    And thank you again for donations. Living donors are angels on earth. 😇
  • hil331115
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    Nov 1: already had to take a pass day..ugh. over on calories due to too many treats at the office after Halloween.
  • flourchild225
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    Yes - cleaned a ton in preparation for camping and did some small walking in sand dunes today. Amazing!


  • avalonblues
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    Date: Nov. 1, 2019
    Pass day
    Passes Used: 1/3
  • BuddysSurrogateGrandpa1
    Congratulations to the winner circle...

    Did I exercise ? yes
    Did I stay within ? yes
    Did I keep track ? yes

    I like this spoiler feature. I feel like I can stick my effervescent diatribe in here without making the main page too big.

    Cold in the morning and I am kind of a morning exerciser. So I didn't get out til ten.

    I am looking forward to daylight savings "fall back. Heh, is that fall back into bed? If it is light at 6am, I will have a better perspective.

    I did three iterations of the "paper route." I thought about trying for more but I got the veto from my knee.

    Wore heart rate monitor but it didn't work. Bluetooth or something.

    1000 feet of climb, in this case works out to 800 calories.

    I think I will try for two thousand on Sunday.
  • JTreasures
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    Yes x 3 for Nov. 1
  • Kristle582
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • w8goal4life
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    I’m traveling in intrastate due to the death of one of my younger brother in law, Jack.
    Rick, so very sorry for the loss of your brother-in-law. Safety in your travels. Kindest regards.
  • tuddy315
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    November 2
    Exercise? Yes...painting rooms at home. I got stuck doing ceilings. Up and down the ladder!
    Under calorie budget? Yes
    Log everything? Yes
  • friday0301
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    Hello, I am a yes to all three. I walked over 20,000 steps while vacationing in NOLA!!! I'm having an issue connecting my Fitbit with MyFitnessPal.
  • w8goal4life
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    tuddy315 wrote: »
    I got stuck doing ceilings. Up and down the ladder!

    ...not to mention the neck pain! I've been avoiding painting in my house.
  • RangerRickL
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    Better late than never:
    Despite having to travel to central IL for family grieving time, 3 x yes today