How long sense your surgery ? How much have you lost? Your sex? Which procedure?



  • lmdh2o
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    I get it rosie5456 My surgery was 2001 and since my 200 pound loss I have gained 80. I lost 40 of it and gained it back. I was told most gain back 40 to 60 percent but I was determined to be different... but I slowed down then stopped the exercise and then restarted eating sugar. Here I am again.
    We can get it back, the surgery is still helpful.
  • littlefoot612
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    Female, surgery age 57, now 61
    RNY Dec 15, 2016
    HW 274 (at programme orientation March 2016)
    Surgery Weight 239
    Lowest Weight 137
    Loss of 137 lbs
    Regain of 42lbs since Jan 2019
    Current Weight 176
    Loss of 3.6 lbs this week.
    Back to basics!! Weighing, measuring and tracking.
  • mae7365
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    Female 62 years old
    Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
    221.6 lbs - Highest Weight 5/31/12
    211.6 lbs - Weight at Surgery 11/10/14
    151.0 lbs - Lowest Weight 5/16/15
    205.1 lbs - Highest weight since surgery 1/17/19
    169.4 lbs - Current Weight 1/20/20

    I've been working hard the past year to loose weight and get back into a healthy lifestyle. I walk 5-6 miles five times a week and try to track everything that goes into my mouth on MFP.

    I may never get back to my lowest weight, but it's been exciting to get back into normal size clothes AND have people notice the weight loss. Once the first 20 lbs were gone, the actual weight loss became my motivation!!!

  • Yvonnevdh
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    57 year old female, 5’5”
    RNY January 2006
    SW 280
    LW 145
    Current 166
    Goal 150
    Slow weight loss now, getting back to basics.
  • Jessica12877
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    43 year old woman
    high weight 238
    current weight 144
    height 5'9"
    surgery was 05/13/19
    been in maintenance about a month
  • vlittlemissy
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    Imdh...dont give up! You have already proven you can do it, because you have done it before!! I've lost 7 pounds since my last post, but it is a daily struggle. I hope it is not going to be like this forever!!! The surgery curbed my capacity but not my cravings and stress related eating reflex :( I know I need to find a way to deal with my emotions in some other way besides eating, I guess that is the hard part!
  • imwichya1
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    51 year old male
    Gastric bypass RNY - April 2018
    HW: 602
    SW: 552
    CW: 280

    Another 30 lbs to go.
  • fit_chickx
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    Feel free to add me. I'm five years out. I also have a link to a private bariatric live support group. they meet two days a week. we share MFP logs and food ideas.
  • Mandy_1982
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    I had a sleeve done in 2017.

    Surgery weight was around 281
    Lowest weight was 222
    Today I weighed in at 258

    It’s been a struggle. I stopped caring and started returning to old habits (stress/emotional eating) and regained most of the weight. Currently getting back to more mindful eating and portions. Hoping to lose my regain and then some by summer!
  • buxombrunette
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    Hi there

    Perfect timing for me to share as i hopped on the scales this morning.

    Starting weight 116kg
    Surgery day 111kg October 2017
    Lowest weight 66kg which was 1 year ago
    Currently 76kg

    It wasn't until about June that i started putting on weight. My boss, who was also my best friend, died. I normally throw myself into work if home is not so good, abd vice versa, so this time I had no escape. I couldn't really stomach food so went back to eating soups which was my downfall and why I got so heavy in the first place; too many carbs and not enough calories! I bounced back up to about 73kg in just a few weeks. I had remained stable until about a month ago when this covid19 stuff came up. I'm working from home now so less active, more likely to snack, I've been eating convenience foods like cuppa soups and I also caved and bought easter eggs and hot cross buns :neutral: theyve been in shops since December last year, so I did well to last this long!
  • jcavanna2
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    46 year old female
    Gastric bypass 4/18/16
    HW: 239.6
    SW: 20
    Lowest weight: 152
    Current weight: 190.2

    Never in a million years would I have thought I would have this amount of regain. In another post I shared my has been a really brutal 12-18 months for my daughter and I with health issues.

    Now COVID is making things that much more difficult but I am putting myself first. Went back on phentermine last week, following my pre-op diet as best as I can and I am going back to a Bariatric dietician...same practice, different doctor. Wasn’t loving my first doctor and hoping that this is going to give me the accountability I need. I also have a friend having bypass tomorrow and another having surgery on the next couple of months. Sharing my story with them along with tips has also been motivating for me
  • tamikawoodson
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    Sleeved 12/27/2017
    HW: 265
    Day of surgery: 256
    LW: 197
    I was at my lowest in May of 2019, stalled and then begin to gain about 5 pounds every month. I work out 5 days a week but can't seem to loose. was prescribed generic form of Contrave and been taking it for 3 months this helped with a 10 lb loss but still not loosing like I should. I waver between not eating of enough calories/protein and too much protein. Desperate to get down to my goal weight.
  • jcavanna2
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    @tamikawoodson wjat has your doctor said? I went back to a Bariatric doc last week and waiting to meet with the nutritionist. I work out a lot and my issue is macros and calories - no idea what they should look like now
  • loveshoe
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    Sleeved 2/2/2015
    HW 267
    SW 236 I think
    GW 150
    Lowest Wt 129
    CW 144
    Like everyone else, I said I would never regain the weight I lost but life doesn't work that way. Lost my brother to suicide caused by mental illness and life just kinda fell apart for a while. I thought I had a disaster plan but obviously it didn't work very well. I actually gained 40 lbs. At the beginning of the year I just started over, went back to the basics for eating and exercise. I have 12 pounds to go, which would put me at 132. I was never supposed to be 129 and still can't figure out how that happened. My goal is 2 pounds per month.

    What bothered me more than anything was not one person in my family mentioned my weight gain. I'm like come on people, say something to me.
  • jcavanna2
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    @loveshoe I am so sorry for your loss! You are so right about thinking that regain wouldn’t happen to you. I thought the same thing and my surgical team thought I was the model patient because I always meal prepped and worked out...boy were they wrong! I also am back to basics but went back to the Bariatric doc last week and looking forward to meeting with the dietician in a few weeks so that I can be given really good guidance on how much to eat from a calorie or macro perspective.

    I have gotten so many varying opinions on how many calories to eat and what my macros should be so it left me frustrated. Hopefully we are on the up and up!
  • vlittlemissy
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    I didn't check in during the Covid shut down but I did try to stay on track while stuck at home with the Hubby, it was definitely a challenge!!! I went up and down but came out of it with a 6lb loss. I am now currently 10lbs from my goal of a 100lb loss. Who new it would be so dang hard, I had hoped this surgery would fix my issues without to much work, even though I was told repeatedly by my dietitian that it is only a tool to help me and that it isn't a miracle cure. So I guess it really is a life style change, I guess all I can do is keep pushing, stay positive, and be patient.
  • suegreg2
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    Hi, All! 62-yo female, 5'8"
    RNY Gastric bypass 8/7/2012
    HW: 294 lbs
    Day of surgery: 262
    LW: 145
    CW: 194
    I never thought I would regain so much weight. Seven pounds a year. Dr told me to eat low-fat protein and veggies - that's it. I didn't believe him. Guess he was right! After 7 years of doing things MY way, I'm going back to the dr's suggestions. Just started back on MFP, tracking my food. Eating protein and veggies.

    I WILL NOT go back to my presurgery weight! Following surgery, I went through a month of the worst nausea I have ever experienced. Nothing helped. I thought I would lose my mind. I need to remember that agony so that I don't go back to my presurgery weight and eating habits. I actually acknowledged that I needed to get back on track when the scale was creeping up towards 200, but also when I found myself dreading the thought of seeing family members and friends.

    My most successful weight loss tool is MFP. I appreciate and value the struggles, courage, and support of all of you who share your struggles and victories. Trying to live a healthy life is easier when you're not alone on the journey.
  • jacquip3156
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    Gastric bypass on Jan 2 2020
    54 year old female 5'7"
    Highest weight 282 lbs
    Current weight 203 lbs
    Goal weight 160 lbs
    Hit a stall, I'm still a work in progress
  • suegreg2
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    @jcavanna2 Please share what your nutritionist tells you - just for comparison. My bariatric dr told me to eat all the lean protein I wanted, and add some veggies. No calorie limit given. The nutritionist at his office told me that I would need to limit my calorie intake to 1000 a day - for life. She told me I would gain weight rapidly if I exceeded that number.

    Nutritionist at my family physician's office said that was too little - upped it to 1600. Of course I chose that number! Well, it seems as though the bariatric nut. was on target! And now I'm back down to 1000 calories and hungry. I know I'll adjust and this is a life choice. My primary concern should be my health.

    Good luck with your appointment!
  • jcavanna2
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    @suegreg2 thank you - I don’t have the appointments for a few weeks with the nutritionist but my Bariatric doc gave me no indication, but he put me on medication to curb my appetite and it is working but I need to know how much I should be eating in terms of both calories and macros. I am very active too so I want to ensure that my activity level is being accounted for too