websites for recipe ideas?



  • beckerinstl
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    noom when i was on it but can't access once quit lol
    have a bunch others that i get like one out of and then move on
  • animalMa71
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    Thank you, EVERYONE, for all the new site ideas.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i use pinterest to find and store most of my recipes. i hate the bloggers that want to tell me their life story before every recipe, but I tune it all out now and scroll right to the recipe and many have a 'jump to recipe' link, which is nice.
  • cbihatt
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    When I need a recipe for something I tend to use a search engine and then browse a few recipes to see which one sounds both yummy and easy to make.

    That said, I do like this one:

    This is where I found the best banana bread recipe in the world. It’s delicious and one of the easiest things to make because the ingredients are things you most likely already have and there are no special tools required, just a wooden spoon for mixing.
  • Alliebaba510
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    I recently got a Ninja Foodi and I’m using it almost everyday to make meals healthier. I tend to look up Ninja Foodi recipes. Another site I use which I don’t think is listed above is Tons of recipes and many are low calorie or low carb.
  • mcgeepeezy
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    Recently ive been really into Keto and hybrid keto recipes and foods this is one of my favorite recipe books
  • hangryhamster
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    I like this site because I can narrow the search to meet my family's dietary restrictions, and it also allows you to build a weekly menu.
  • losinknit
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    Encyclopedic. Searchable by diet type. Can also be searched by ingredient–handy when you have stuff that needs to be used up. Recipes include nutritional information.
  • LovenOutdoors1
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    BBC Good Food is brilliant
  • goldengirl111
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    isyvanek wrote: »
    I use and pioneer woman to name a couple. There are a couple of great blogs out there too.

    Allrecipes tends to lock up my computer...but the recipes always seem delicious.
    KIRBYA2Z Posts: 4 Member
    goldengirl1111, the problem I have with AllRecipes is that the shopping list doesn't work. So, I just look at recipes on it.
  • tfuller91
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    I use pinterest, but if you're more of a visual learner, I have also been watching TikToks of recipes.

  • samathes
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    Pinterest is my big go to, but also
  • pamperedlinny
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    Options - not always "healthified" but great recipes for worldwide cuisine
    I also write my own recipes and post them on
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Since I am keto ... I use and her cookbooks ... I use and