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  • JTreasures
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    Yes x 3
    @craigo3154 Congratulations on 30 years!
  • readyornot1234
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    Friday, 2/14

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: Yes - walking, walking, walking. Limited today in what I am able to do. I am not a fan of walking for the sake of walking. I need a purpose (for whatever reason, or my thoughts spin out of control - joys of anxiety) like getting someplace, or enjoying flowers in a garden, or a museum, etc. that’s why I golf so much. I walk to my ball and then whack it. Repeat for 9 holes.

    Saturday, 2/15

    Flew again. I’m pretty sure I ate under but zero exercise and zero tracking.
    Pass day #2
  • KCJen
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    yes x 3