February 2020 Gratitude and Chat thread.

retirehappy Posts: 5,242 Member
New month, new thread.

How is everyone doing so far this year?


  • retirehappy
    retirehappy Posts: 5,242 Member
    I agree, fasting is something I never thought I would do, now I just want to do it often. I love the way it makes me feel. It also got me to my goal weight and keeps me there as well.

    Hope the back stops hurting soon for you. Back pain sucks.
  • Quilty60
    Quilty60 Posts: 34 Member
    After a few years of life getting in the way, I am back to continue my journey of getting healthier. Would love a few people to chat with.
  • Itreadlightly
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    Hi Quilty ( and everyone)
    I have been here off and on for 5 years. Over those years I have lost 25 lbs. obviously not a quick loser 😊 because I am not good about logging food. But I do it sometimes so I have an idea of how many calories are in most things. I exercise. The thing that helps me the most is I do Intermittent fasting most days. Usually 16/8 or 18/6. I started this a few years ago and if has become so normal I am usually not hungry during the food hours.
    Anyway 👋
  • retirehappy
    retirehappy Posts: 5,242 Member
    Welcome back @Quilty60 . Getting back to it is the only way to succeed.

    I'm a big fan of time restricted eating (IFing) too @Itreadlightly.