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How accurate is Garmin Connect?

ebonius501ebonius501 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
Hi all, I'm looking for people who are using the Garmin Connect app for their phone or computer who are using the Calories in/Calories out app feature. It looks at the amount of "Activity" throughout the day then adds to the calories you are allowed to eat to stay within your stated goal on Myfitnesspal. It's very handy except for one thing: Is it accurate? For example:
My goal is 1,450 calories per day. Garmin Connect says I "burned" 438 calories that day just walking around and running errands. So it says I can add those 438 calories and make an "adjusted goal" of 1,888 for the day. So in theory I am allowed to eat more and still stay within my goal. Well I am skeptical and wary of using that number. If I "eat my way up" from 1,450 calories to 1,888 calories I am afraid I will not lose any weight. How accurate is the Garmin calories "in/out" feature and should I believe in it and use it? Thanks


  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 17,594 Member Member Posts: 17,594 Member
    Any of the activity trackers can be decent estimate if it has your distance traveled correct.
    Because mass and distance is very good calorie formula.

    So avg pace for most is 2 mph - if you walk a known distance is it correct?

    The more the daily steps the worse any error. That's the biggest factor for daily.

    For exercise HR-based calorie burn is only a decent estimate with caveats for steady-state aerobic - intervals or lifting is anaerobic if done right and HR all over the place - so inflated calorie burn.

    If that is a minor part of your otherwise very active lifestyle - then even 100% inflated is no big deal.
    If that is a major part of otherwise sedentary lifestyle - then no good. Better to manually log those workouts by type weights or lifting, or by distance for intervals.

    The more out of shape you are the more HR-based will be off too.

    MFP receives from Garmin that daily burn figure, so it's doing similar math and usually easier for it to give the eating goals.
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