WEIGHT NO MORE Team Chat - July 2020

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Welcome Fat2Fit Challengers!

Here is your Team chat room for July 2020. This is where you weigh in every week, post your goals and progress, discuss any issues or topics of interest, share ideas, support your teammates, receive help when you need it, and dream big. Try to post every day, and help each other succeed!

We have six great teams. The group and team leaders are as follows:

Our Moderators:
Liselyn - @jugar
Beka - @beka3695
Lisa - @cafelelia
Teresa - @TeresaW1020

Our Team Captains:
Mission Slimpossibles - @broncobuddee and @TeresaW1020
Trimstones - @mulecanter and @jessicakrall8
Weight No More - @1theresamcvean and @cafelelia
Waist Aways - @jugar and @micki48
Shrinking Assets - @Boehle and @beka3695
Downsizers - @lindamtuck2018 and @mari_moulin

Our Team Motivators:
Mission Slimpossibles - @AustinRuadhain @katmary71 and @raleighgirl09
Trimstones - @Emmajhare
Weight No More - @GingerPwr
Waist Aways - @Terytha and @conleywoods
Shrinking Assets - @TheMrWobbly (Fitness Captain)
Downsizers - open

Every challenger weighs in on their chosen day, every week without fail! At the end of each week, the tallies are done to determine the team and individuals with the most weight lost. The best losers are announced with full fanfare every Sunday. The team competition is all in good spirits - may the most losing win!

We also track those small, steady losses with the Green Week count. If you lose, however small an amount, it counts for 1 week in the green. The total will be by month, and cumulative - so you can really rack them up and get to your goal even if you never hit the top of the leader board.

In an effort to recognize accomplishments, we are using an optional addition to the weigh in format called LOSS TO DATE or LTD. Please just leave this new line off if you do not want to participate. Here is the new format:

Weigh In Day
PW (Previous Weight):
CW (Current Weight):
LTD (Loss to Date):

If you need a week off, a break, a change of weigh-in day - just ask your Captain here on your team chat page. If you take a break, you are moved to the Support Team. If you miss two weigh-ins in a row without asking for a break, you will be dropped from the team, so be sure to ask if you are travelling, sick, or just needing some time off. You can remain on the Support Team for as long as you need to. You still participate in the discussions and weigh in if you want to, but your weigh-ins will not be counted on the weekly tally.

Once you reach your goal weight, you join the elite Goal Zone! After hitting your goal, you need support to stay there, and you can help your teammates join you. You must continue to weigh in every week, and if you have 2 weeks above your self-defined goal zone, you go back to the regular team to lose that amount before it builds up. You will have a chance to hone those maintenance skills and stick with your team!

In addition to your own team, there are F2F Full Group CHALLENGES. You can do all or none - it's up to you. Participating adds a lot to your success, so we hope to see you there often! These can involve anything fitness, health, or nutrition - and they’ll get you moving, thinking, and learning about this journey. Check the Announcements section for full group challenges.

Let’s show our fellow challengers some F2F love! Introduce yourselves right away, and let the new month begin!!



  • Cafelelia
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    Welcome to the July Team Weight No More!

    I am Lisa, co-captain with the Theresa, @1theresamcvean . I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband of almost 20 years and our two boys ages 13 and 9. I am a lawyer and run a part-time practice from home, after many years in the corporate world. I am also a distance runner, and just prior to the pandemic, I was getting back to some longer runs after a year long injury. I started to gain weight in my thirties with a busy career and then having kids. I am definitely a weight fluctuator, so I can lose it, but am looking for sustained maintenance this time. I have been slowly increasing my activity in the past 2 months and have really enjoyed introducing some weight training and HIIT to my workout schedule. My July goals are to continue my increased workout schedule, lose at least 2 lbs and reduce stress levels after a long spring of homeschooling. July is one of my favorite months of the year! The weather is great, flowers are blooming, local produce is amazing and we have lots of fun family milestones like my elder son’s birthday and our wedding anniversary.

    In addition to the F2F info above, here are some helpful team reminders:

    Posting Your Daily Updates (or more frequently)
    We ask that you please try to check in daily or more if you please. If you don’t post daily, that’s ok, but just remember that the daily conversations that we have are a great opportunity for support through your journey. Please also post whenever you want, such as when you have a question, want to share information or tips, or if you need some extra support at a challenging moment or time.

    For daily updates, you can use whatever format (or not) that you like. Many of us here check in with the following format:
    Check in for: Thursday
    Logged food: yes, on track
    Water: 64 oz
    Steps or exercise: 10000 and 30 minutes of yoga

    Weekly Team Step Challenge
    Post and let us know if you want to be in the weekly step challenge. We track Sunday to Saturday. You can post your steps daily, or cumulatively. Please try to post by the following Sunday by noon so that we can announce the winners.

    Let’s make July a great month!

  • 1theresamcvean
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    Welcome to July's Team Weight No More!

    Hello everyone! I’m Theresa and I live in downtown Toronto, Canada, not too far from my co-captain Lisa @Cafelelia . Together with Casey @GingerPwr who is our team motivator, we're here for you.

    About me
    I have two grown children. My daughter lives downtown not too far from me with her partner. She’s a marketing and HR director and he’s a poet and PhD student. My son lives in a small town about an hour away with his wife and two children. He’s just finishing up his paternity leave now and is a luthier, which is hard to earn a living at so he does carpentry and things like that. My daughter-in-law is a deaf interpreter. My granddaughter is Pippa, who is turning three this month, and my grandson is Gilbert, who is 14 months.

    My career was as an advertising and publishing executive and I ran, cycled, and swam. Then one day, as my daughter says, just like Forrest Gump I stopped. I became a consultant to startups and slowed things down, including fitness. Basically, I just walk my dog Xavy ~ short for Xavier. He’s a cute and light tan Havanese.

    My weight story
    When my children were small, I was very slim, about 120 lbs, probably from chasing them around. In my forties when I was very busy and fit, I weighed my ideal weight, a toned 142 lbs. Three years ago, when my granddaughter was born, I saw myself in a photo and didn’t recognize this woman. I did look like a happy nana and I’m sure I was cozy and cushiony to hug, but I want to live to be a very old lady, hopefully over 100, and the two just didn’t add up.

    I started to get serious in January 2018 at 177.4 lbs with a goal of a toned 142 lbs. By September 2018, I lost 28.5 lbs, so 148.9 lbs., but then I plateaued for ten months. I have since yo-yoed twice. So, now I am back to 149.3 for the third time and am determined to get to goal.

    The present
    A year ago I stopped consulting for other people’s startups and am launching one of my own with a friend who used to own a large digital advertising agency. It will launch very soon ~ be good to me July! It’s an online service where people can hire professional genealogists by the minute.

    My July goals are a build on my June goals, just a bit more ~ or less depending on the goal ;)
    • Sleep on a regular schedule and for 8 hours.
    • Stay with Thu/Sat 1,700 and Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 1,000 calorie base and eat back half my exercise calories.
    • Maintain 4 bootcamp live sessions per week.
    • Get back to biking when my broken toe is healed ~ again, work with me July!

    My words for 2020, and this is a reminder to myself, are Balance and Listen.

    Please share your July goals and re-introduce yourself to the team. While we don’t have any new members yet, I bet we will. Plus it’s always nice to reacquaint amongst ourselves. Everyone loves personal stories. If you’re comfortable sharing your first name, please do.

    We’re all in this together!

  • Mrsbell8well
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    Nice intros team leaders and newbie! See you all tomorrow!
  • melaniedscott
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    I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm sorry for talking about self harm/suicide. I know this is a weight loss group, not a therapy session, just wanted to apologize if I made anyone uncomfortable and I'll try not to talk about it anymore.

    I can't speak for anyone else but your post didn't make me uncomfortable. It made me concerned. Not talking about your stress and the triggers that lead to self harm make you more at risk. I'm not saying this is the right place to talk about it, just that you need to take care of yourself and some of that is talking about it and being kind to yourself. Take care!
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    Hi everyone, I'm Kristy. I'm 41 and I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. I've been married coming up on 18 years, and we have 4 children. Our oldest daughter will be 17 in a few weeks, then we have a 15 year old son, and then boy/girl twins who are 11. My older kids both play basketball, my son at rep level and I spend quite a bit of time coaching/managing. I used to be morbidly obese at 330 ish lbs/150kg, but after losing almost half of that (thanks MFP!) I got qualified as a Personal Trainer. Health problems stopped me working in it though, and I reverted back to my original career of Technical Writing. After maintaining my weight loss for a few years, a lot of weight crept back on with my health issues and inability to exercise, not to mention a diagnosis of BED as well as anorexia. Quite a bit of therapy later, I am "in recovery" from my EDs, have most of the health issues under control, but still suffering with nerve pain and severe migraines, which are kind of controlled with meds that don't always work well. I'm mostly functional though, just some days I get knocked out with pain/migraine.

    NZ is out of lockdown and I'm headed back into the office tomorrow for my day job, and I just had to buy smaller pants which made me do a happy dance. I've been working from home since mid-March I think? I'm hoping if the awful winter weather lets up, then I can start cycling back into the office - 11 km each way. But I'm not keen to do it in the incessant rain we've been having for days, particularly since my laptop has to go to/from with me!

    My goal for July is to just keep steadily losing weight/cms. In June my weight has really just jumped up and down the same kg, but my measurements have dropped a lot. Which just proves what terrible liars the scales truly are! In the back of my head I'd like to be well under 110kg by the end of September (wedding anniversary) but I've learned my lesson about putting too much importance on what the scales say. So steady downward will get me to a healthy weight, and the time will pass anyway. So I'll just keep working towards my goal.

  • bburrer30
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    about me
    I have 2 boys and 1 bonus daughter. My boyfriend and I have been together for going on 3 years. We know we are going to get married just waiting for him to actually propose.. I make my comments about that all the time. He is great and a wonderful support system. My boys ask all the time when are we getting married. ♡ I just graduated from college,to work in surgery. I am so excited to start a new job. ( fingers crossed that should be some time this month) I help take care of my grandma who has Alzheimer's and cancer ( we just put her on hospice last week) I have a busy life, constantly on the go but i am doing my self care .

    my weight loss story
    I watched my mom struggle with weight all her life and she still struggles. I was over weight in high school and struggled to lose weight after my boys. After my divorce I keep the weight off for a while but now its started coming back :( and I dont feel good about myself. I am a very active person and want to teach my kids positive self care.

    July goals
    I would like to lose 4 lbs
    Water water water! 80 oz a day
    Min 10 miles a week
    3 days a week 30 minute workout
    12,000 steps

    In June I hiked / walked 60.66 miles yahoo! May I lost 9.4 lbs but june so far it's just 2lbs, which is frustrating. But maybe this week I'll have a good loss. I am trying not to get frustrated and discouraged. This is where I normally give up.

    the step challenge
    21: 5,653
    22: 11,192
    23: 7,352
    24: 14,163
    25: 12,352
    26: 12,573
    27: 13,047

    @Cafelelia thank you. And the bike is beautiful, we found a great deal. We cant wait to go explore with it.

    @KristieJC I have alot of family in the same area. I am originally from TX. About an hr west of San Antonio in the hill country. I travel back every chance I get.
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    Weigh in Day: Sunday
    Weigh in Week 1
    PW: 251.5 (114.1 kg)
    CW: 252.2 (114.4 kg)
    LTD: 23.8 lbs (10.8 kg)

    Meh. My weight has been bouncing up and down the same kg for the past couple of weeks, I think muscle soreness is masking a drop on the scale. I'd had a lot of nerve pain with the change in my migraine meds, and that causes muscles in my neck/shoulder/arm to flare up, which will show up on the scale. As I said above in my intro, my measurements are changing even if the scales aren't moving much. Even my toes have lost weight again (why??? I was quite happy with my toes the way they were!)

  • GingerPwr
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    @CassieGetsFit2013 I know that self harm and suicide talk can be triggering to others, but I want you to know that I think it's great that you feel safe telling this group when you feel that way. It's good to let people know when you're struggling. Mental illness is just like any other chronic illness or disease. Someone suffering from chronic pain or MS may come to this group to say they've had a flare-up, and we'd offer our empathy and support. Your illness manifests in a different way, but you come and tell us and we offer our empathy and support. In my opinion, it's the same thing.

    Now, I don't think there are many of us who are equipped to help you. So you should also reach out to your doctors and your therapist, because those are the people with the expertise you need. But we're here for you. We hear you, and we care about you and, most importantly, YOU MATTER.
  • brown6267
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    06/27 steps 9702
  • Mrsbell8well
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    Today’s the big day. My sour dough starter is finally ready. I was up at 4:45 am to start the bread making process. Planning to eat at 4pm. Making spinach strawberry salad for dinner with toasted pecans and vegan feta.
    I will post intro and goals later.
  • JillyBT
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    Hi my name is Jill and I live in Los Angeles, California.

    Married to a great husband for 24 years. My biggest supporter!. We have a 20 year old son who had to come home early from College from the East Coast in March due to our crazy world. He developed Mono in May and was super sick. We all thought it was Covid because that is what doctors and everyone thinks of with similar symptoms. Hes all better now.... because he is back to arguing with us. LOL you know your kids are well when they argue with you!

    I didn't really have a weight problem until after having my son. Gained 60 pounds, then lost most of it a year after. Hitting the 40's I started to slowly gain weight and at 50 I packed it on. Mostly because I now manage my parents life because they both have Dementia. Different kinds but both. They live in their home, the house I grew up in, and have full 24 hour care. The stress of their story, caused me to stop exercising, sleeping and emotional eating. I even lost patches of hair. I started getting into a routine that helped me balance my life and theirs through exercise and meditation but then the pandemic hit. I have been stuck in this cycle of good day, bad day and my weight is between 158-162.

    I feel like a broken record with my monthly goals....
    - Exercise every day
    - Drink 8 glasses of water a day
    - Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day (this one really helped me this past 6 months when I do it)
    - Actually track my food.

    @Cafelelia and @1theresamcvean and @gingerPwr Thanks for being our leaders and motivators. It really helps, when I log in, so I am adding logging in at least once a day to my goals. I so enjoy reading your responses!

    I think I have been in a rut so I am changing it up, can I change my weigh in day to Wednesdays?

    Time to change! and finally loose some weight!

    @cassiegetsfit2013 no apologies needed, we all have issues but found this group for support. I feel better reading everyone's comments and stories and to know that I am not a lone in this struggle. We all have very different stories but we all have at least one common goal to get fit and loose weight. Therefore we are not alone!

    Off for a walk......Step challenge here I come!
  • Cafelelia
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    1. Weight No More 0.59%
    2. Shrinking Assets 0.09%
    3. Mission Slimpossibles 0.03%

    1. Weight No More 28.7 lbs
    2. Shrinking Assets 4.8 lbs
    3. Mission Slimpossibles 1.1 lbs

    1. @Ademann1 3.17%
    2. @cassiegetsfit2013 2.62%
    3. @timibotkin 2.17%

    1. @timibotkin 6.2 lbs
    2. @Ademann1 6.0 lbs
    3. @cassiegetsfit2013 5.4 lbs



  • Zumba_Luvah
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    Hey guys. I've been a part of this group for over a year now (perhaps since spring 2019). But I joined MFP in 2015. Ive been up and down with my weight since I was 11. I had to have surgery when I was 11 for scoliosis and I had to heal for awhile so really the only thing I could do was eat. That's where my weight problems began. My average weight was between 180-200 from like 14 to 19 years old. I had gone up and down through those years. I even got to 168 when I was 17 but gained weight back not long after.
    After I had my son (4 days before my 21st birthday), I started trying really hard to lose weight. I started going to zumba and just cutting down on calories. I was able to get to my goal of 150 pounds when I was 22. I even got to 147. But then I slowly gained some weight back. I was at about 169 when I became pregnant with my 2nd son. I got up to 211 when I was 9 months along. After I had him in 2014, I got back down to the 160s and was there until like end 2015/beginning of 2016.
    I started having these strange symptoms in 2015. It started off slow, with my stomach not feeling well sometimes. At first I thought I was getting the stomach bug. So time went on and eventually I was waking up every night with the chills, feeling like I was going to puke but never did. I was bloated all the time. My stomach would hurt every day. I was exhausted. I was dizzy a lot too. No clue what was going on. Yes I went to the dr but they were no help. In 2017 a friend of mine was doing a low carb diet. I decided to do it with her. With eating low carb, I was eating plain meat, cottage cheese, veggies. And then after being on that for a couple weeks, I noticed my symptoms were getting better. So I did some research and realized the food I was eating while on low carb was gluten free. So I tested it and went back to eating regular food. And the symptoms came back with it.
    So i switched to eating gluten free only. And I gained weight again. Was up to 202.2 by October 2019. When I joined this group earlier in 2019, I was exercising and cutting down on calories. I was eating around 1400 to 1500 a day. I mean that amount worked for me before. But apparently not this time. So in October I finally found the number that works for me. Its low and you all would probably say it's too low lol. My average calorie intake each day is 850 to 1000. Ive tried eating 1200 each day and i gained 2.2 pounds that week. So in 8 months ive lost 34.6 pounds by sticking to those calories and also not exercising. I move around each day, cleaning and such. But I'm not doing anything vigorous like zumba or tae bo like I used to. And I'm on day 1032 of being gluten free. I know because I write down everything I eat. So that's my story!
  • Cafelelia
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    1. Trimstones 1.34%
    2. Weight No More 1.28%
    3. WaistAways 1.16%

    1. Weight No More 62.3 lbs
    2. Trimstones 58.8 lbs
    3. Downsizers 53.5 lbs

    1. @raleighgirl09 5.29%
    2. @kirsten11872 5.08%
    3. @Emmajhare 4.84%

    1. @raleighgirl09 9.8lbs
    2. @kirsten11872 9.1 lbs
    3. @missGYST 9.0 lbs



  • timibotkin
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    Steps for last week!
    S- 15,914
    M- 10,901
    T- 11,985
    W- 12,684
    T- 12,678
    F- 13,144
    S- 10,558
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