TEAM: Flab-U-Less (August)



  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Week 1
    PW 286
    CW 288.6
    🤦🏽‍♀️. This why it’s important for me to track everything.

    It does take practice and commitment. I'm struggling to get back in the routine too. I had dropped 100 lbs. and then gained back 40.
  • pattihyer122
    pattihyer122 Posts: 25 Member
    Week one:
    PW: 176.8
    CW: 177.8
  • tina9572
    tina9572 Posts: 203 Member

    August week 1
    PW : 193,5
    CW : 193,3
  • TypingToaster
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    edited August 2020
    August Week 1
    PW: 311.2
    CW: 320.5

    I think it's a sodium issue. I had beef and broccoli Chinese food and frozen beef and sausage patties a few times this week. 60mg for each frozen beef patty and 320mg for each sausage patty.

    But, I did lose 1 inch off my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips, 1 inch off my chest, and 1 inch off my stomach. Lost 13.5 inches overall, with 3 inches in each calf and two inches off my upper arm.

    If it weren't for the sodium, does that mean that my weight would have been lower than last week's? Oh, also I was tracking my weight this week and at it's highest, the weight was 323.1. So 320.5 is better than it was earlier this week. :)
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @pattihyer122 Not too horrible.
    @tina9572 Great week! You're doing fantastic!
    @TypingToaster sodium will do it! I'm very sensitive to sodium too. It can be a +/- 10 lbs sometimes for me.
  • daloverlyme
    daloverlyme Posts: 583 Member
    August week 2
    PW: 204
  • dheliason
    dheliason Posts: 316 Member
    August week 2
    PW: 156.8
    CW: 157.0
  • WA_Teacher
    WA_Teacher Posts: 1,042 Member
    Aug. Week 2
    Previous Weight: 233
    Current Weight: 233.5
  • WA_Teacher
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    edited August 2020

    I'm super impressed with your positive attitude. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Wishing you the best!
  • mram3582
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WEEK 1 WINNER 1st - @ahelgers10. - 3.15%/center]

    August Week 1 is now in the books!! Great job to all our winners!

    Below are the full results for Week 1.

    The Biggest Loser Is...
    1st - @ahelgers10. - 3.15%
    2nd - @Dustyspal. - 3.08%
    3rd - @Suzer4. - 2.92%

    The TEAM Biggest Loser...
    1st - Run Track Minds. - 0.36%
    2nd - The Slimsons. - 0.28%
    3rd - Gutbusters. - 0.25%

    Top 3 Individual % by Team:

    The Big Butt Theory
    1st - @murdog3t. - 2.57%
    2nd - @benbowers. - 1.90%
    3rd - @Richmondwriter. - 1.82%

    The Slimsons
    1st - @Dustyspal. - 3.08%
    2nd - @Kkmark. - 1.29%
    3rd - @d00ditzlinduh. - 1.03%

    1st - @ahelgers10. - 3.15%
    2nd - @allietuge. - 1.40%
    3rd - @GLouis4. - 0.96%

    Run Track Minds
    1st - @Suzer4. - 2.92%
    2nd - @liveyenna. - 1.18%
    3rd - @Rawrxamberx. - 0.83%

    1st - @Daloverlyme. - 0.97%
    2nd - @Lorianncorrea. - 0.93%
    3rd - @Notasafool. - 0.19%

    Individual Top 3 Pounds Lost
    1st - @Dustyspal. - 7.6 lbs.
    2nd - @ahelgers10. - 7.4 lbs.
    3rd - @Suzer4. - 5.0 lbs.

    Overall Pounds Lost by Team
    The Big Butt Theory - 4.1 lbs.
    The Slimsons - 8.9 lbs.
    Gutbusters - 5.2 lbs.
    Run Track Minds - 8.7 lbs.
    Flab-U-Less - -13.6 lbs.

    Overall Total Lost: 13.3 lbs

    Week 5 Snapshot

    Well, not the best start to the challenge, but it is what it is. We're off to a good start this week though! Congrats to our top losers: @daloverlyme @lorianncorrea @notasafool. Keep up the great work! GO TEAM FLAB-U-LESS!!
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @WA_Teacher Thanks! It's probably because so far there have not been any painful symptoms (other than a glomas tumor). Just kind of weird stuff that are almost comical when listed by themselves. Everything comes and goes which is why I haven't paid too much attention to the whole is just another crazy thing that happens to me. Everything just kind of pounced on me though....nouns are gone from my speech recall. I have to rearrange my thinking and find a synonym or adjective. Like, when I look at a cat, I can't recall the word will end up being the "fluffy meow thing" or "feline". Whenever I bend my neck forward, my body buzzes like a plucked guitar string or an electric toothbrush. Full body neuropathy. The list just goes on and on, but it wasn't bad until about a month or two ago. I just don't know how to explain to my husband that if it is MS, there is no cure. He depends on me to do bills, finances, and house cleaning.....he opens jars and fetches things off the top shelf! We have a mutually dependent relationship...we would both starve without the other! :D
  • lorianncorrea
    lorianncorrea Posts: 151 Member
    Week 2
    PW: 246.2
    CW: 244.2
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @lorianncorrea Awesome job!
  • notasafool
    notasafool Posts: 7 Member
    Aug Week 2
    CW: 207.2

    Ugh pms bloat combined with extra salt from celebrating anniversary a week early and having company over has me feeling puffy. Going to stay on track this week and hope for a big whoosh. One day at a time everyone 😁
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Aug week 2
    CW: 268.2
    Finally got rid of all that salt!
    @notasafool that is what happened to me last week and then I just got the whoosh.
  • lorianncorrea
    lorianncorrea Posts: 151 Member
    @mram3582 That's what we're taking about. Don't focus on the number on the scale. It will fluctuate but just stay the course.
  • Sparkling_off_fat
    Aug week 2
    PW 286
    CW 283.6
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Well, that was quick....after first setting a neuro appointment for mid October (the earliest they said I could be seen), I faxed over all the symptoms and timeline and day "cancellation" 1st patient to be seen. It is never a good sign when a doctor has a "cancellation". So, tomorrow the games begin!
  • pattihyer122
    pattihyer122 Posts: 25 Member
    Week 2
    PW: 177.8
    CW: 177.2

    It’s been challenging, but I’m learning the value of “slow but steady” - I’d rather be consistent than see unsustainable, dramatic weight shifts. It’s a mind game more than anything for sure.