12am and 3am low blood sugar?

tekwriter Posts: 923 Member
I am having lows at 12am and 3am. They show up on my 14day libre. Last night I was still up at midnight and drank a bottle of glucose. I was high this morning. Has anyone else had this problem? I take the higher dose of trulicity. I am thinking a better snack at bedtime? Thanks in advance.


  • 2t9nty
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    Someone has to have had some experience with this. I have never used anything like the libre.
  • sweeetypie1
    sweeetypie1 Posts: 121 Member
    I've had issues with high blood sugar in the morning and was told to eat something before bed - peanut butter on a slice of bread (carb and protein). I hope you figure out what works for you.
  • 2t9nty
    2t9nty Posts: 1,499 Member
    I typically have a higher reading in the morning - dawn effect. I have tried the peanut butter or cheese snack before bed, and it has not made any difference in my numbers. This type of thing varies a lot from person to person I think.
  • rkellywhite
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    I have really high readings in the morning as well. I just started taking Glipizide (5 mg) along with Metformin. It has improved but is still high. My biggest issue is hypoglycemia in the mornings with the Glipizide.