How to Stop Binging, Especially without Apps to Track?

yvette794 Posts: 1 Member
Hello! I feel like I have tried it all. I have both restricted and let myself loose, but no matter what I still feel the need for binging. I hate it, and I was wondering what worked for you all to overcome binging? I have small victories where I stop myself from eating, but then I come right back into the kitchen some 30 minutes later and it's the exact same battle. I found the best success when I was using fasting and calorie counting apps, but my parents have recently taken those away from me and put my phone on lockdown. What do you do to stop binging without apps?


  • InstepFitness
    InstepFitness Posts: 37 Member
    Bigger protein meals can make you less hungry and make you feel fuller longer. Include a protein shake maybe throw in a banana,it helps with water weight retention. Have healthy veggie snack trays/salads in the fun black plastic boxes,pre-prepped in the fridge for a binge. I love taco salads maybe a couple of crushed tortilla chips on top, skimp the cheese and ad vegan plant-based cheese. My homemade sourcream is non-dairy." Pre-soaked almonds till soft then blended with a little tofu, lemon juice, garlic powder, salt." Tastes the same to me or you can blend cashews, tastes great on taco salad/soups. Try to transform dairy products into eating clean, switch out the fattening cow milk with plant-powered recipes/sauces hummus or just beans make a great salad dressing. 🙂
  • la_nanita
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    Serve yourself a portion of whatever you are craving and take that serving to another room to enjoy doing a different activity than normal. So if lets say you normally open a bag of chips and sit in front of the TV and eat it all then serve a small bowl of chips and sit outside to enjoy it or go to your room and read a book/journal/draw while eating it. Still have the treat but limit the amount and change the situation that triggers the binges.