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    @SummerSkier see my intro with the video about my new otter!

    OMG!! that was such a cool video. Not sure how I missed it. duh... What a sweet thing to give Mr Smeagal a nice place to live in his retirement.

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    Hi, I'm Sandra. I had lost 50lbs but have put most of it back on again. I need to get back to basics and am hoping that this challenge will help. 😊

    Hey Sandra welcome aboard!
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    @RangerRickL, thanks for continuing our wonderful challenge!

    “ FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!! Log every BLT (Bite, Lick, Taste). Stay strong and true to yourself....YOU WILL SUCCEED!!“

    So so true!

  • Hi @Mrs_Hoffer and @GrandmaJackie ! :flowerforyou: