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    @melaniedscott - love your "how to talk to women during quarantine"! Made me think of the post I saw about Vogue's 1970s diet:


    And please tell me it wasn't here that I saw it! My short term memory is a little unreliable!! ;)
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    Weigh in Day: Mondays
    Week 4 - April 19
    PW: 178.6
    CW: 178.6
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    Calli1616 wrote: »
    @melaniedscott - love your "how to talk to women during quarantine"! Made me think of the post I saw about Vogue's 1970s diet:


    And please tell me it wasn't here that I saw it! My short term memory is a little unreliable!! ;)

    Well...not since I've been here...I love it, too.
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    ~~ April Week Four ~~

    Welcome to week four, everybody! I completely spaced on writing this post yesterday, despite being very active on MFP throughout the day. Whoops! So, here we are.

    Ohio is about to be hit with snow, so I'm in a weird headspace, where I know that it's technically Spring, and yet Winter lingers menacingly in the background to put my plants back into a depressed slumber. It's cold, so I need to wear fuzzy socks, but it's April... so, florals? I don't know. Whatever. I'll deal with it.

    This past week has honestly been pretty good for me, health-wise. I did my second body scan on Sunday, since my functional training gym is hosting a 45 day challenge, and this week is the halfway point. I posted some of the results of my first scan here , if anyone is interested. Since then, I have maintained my weight, while losing 0.2% of my body fat percentage and increasing my skeletal muscle mass. It was also interesting to see that I was just as hydrated in my second scan as I was in my first, since I had spent the Saturday before my second scan eating and drinking (alcohol) with very little restraint. Which means I downed enough water after getting home and before heading to the gym to make up for the deficiency.

    As of this morning, I've seen my weight drop back down into the 160's after lingering for far too long in the low 170's. I'm hoping the dip sticks around until my weigh-in on Thursday, but I'm also expecting some muscle recovery bloat to hit me before then, so we will see. Being realistic about weight fluctuations has been the only thing keeping me sane during these past few months focused on recomposition.


    ~ Team Leadership Opening ~

    With BJ leaving us, the role of Motivator is now open to applicants. There are very few requirements to this position outside of posting motivational somethings throughout the week (doesn't need to be daily!) and being willing to lend a helping hand when the team leadership (Melanie and I) starts slacking. Beyond that, the role is yours to play around with and make your own!

    If anyone is interested, please speak up! This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the team even more without committing to a full captainship, and may just be the thing you need to hold yourself accountable.

    ~ Walking Warriors ~

    A huge congrats to our five walkers, who conquered over 375,000 steps last week! They walked over 75,000 steps per person on average throughout the week, which is (ahem) dang impressive. I know I definitely took less than half of that amount throughout the week.

    Our top stepper last week was...
    @annliz23 !!!

    Ann walked a total of 110,015 steps last week, which is an average of 15,716 per day. Just... wow. That is her highest weekly step count this month. Way to... step it up! (I'm not sorry)

    Our most consistent stepper last week was...

    Tracy, while cranking out an impressive 9,482 steps per day on average, somehow managed to only deviate from this average 1,374 steps, equating to being 40% more consistent than any of our other walkers. Great job, Tracy!

    The rest of our fabulous Super Steppers:
    @lennoncpa - 54,853 steps
    @dbrinkmeyer - 56,620 steps
    @debbiewsharpe - 87,788 steps

    Fantastic work this week, everyone! Week after week, I'm amazed by how you push yourselves and hold yourselves accountable, even if you're of the mindset that "it's only a walk", because it isn't. It's not just a walk. It's you showing up for yourself, taking step after step, and proving that you can walk the distance. Pun entirely intended. Thank you for taking care of yourself, and showing all of us that we can do it too, as long as we're willing to take that first step.

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    Week 4
    PW: 208.2
    CW: 207.8
    .4 loss
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    Username vvlucky
    Weigh In Day: Wednesday
    Week 4
    Highest Weight: 203 (September)

    PW (Previous Weight):191.8
    CW (Current Weight):190
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    User name: Pizzafruit
    Weigh-In Day: Wednesday
    PW: 276.2
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    Thanks @minstrelofsarcasm ! Looking forward to motivating us all. :)
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    Yep @goingape will be great. She’s always encouraging me when commenting on my posts.
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    week 4
    Pw 145.7 lbs
    CW 144.8 lbs
  • pacsnc6
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    week 4
    pw: 157.8
    cw: 157.8
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    Sunny is in town for the weekend and my son volunteered me to watch his friends pitbull too! These two are actually really good dog friends but I get nervous because of the size difference!!!
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    Week 4
    Pw 192.2
    Cw 191.2
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    I'll take the small loss. It's been a busy week in my house. My granddaughter has pneumonia, they did a covid test, she hated every minute of that. My son has to have another surgery. I'm losing track of what number this one is in the last 2 1/2 years. I am having an mri on my foot tonight to decide how invasive of a surgery I will need. I am definitely not doing any surgery until later in the year. I hopped on the treadmill Tuesday night even though I didn't want too. I have to squeeze in some workouts somehow though.

    @goingape you will be a great moderator.

    @KUMEcyclingteam good luck on your journey

    @lennoncpa the dogs are so cute. We just watched my sons 2 giant dogs, we have a little dog and they got along great. My dog also could not wait for them to go home.
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    @ljdanny it sounds like you’ve got a Lot going on in your life right now! The nice thing about dogs is how happy they make people feel. They can be so innocent and loving.
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    @goingape yay!!
    @minstrelofsarcasm you're killing it with your workouts and making me look bad ;-)

    Weigh-in day: Thursday
    Previous weight:187.8
    Current weight: 190.0
    Weekly steps 33655

    I believe my weight is up due to muscle development. My diet has been good. I'm working on my legs (my goal of adding muscle) and I over did it. My legs have hurt all week and still sore this morning. My steps are not as good as I have wanted. Run coming in this weekend, but in Boise that doesn't mean a flood. Maybe I'll still be able to get a hike in.
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    Cw:162 lbs.

    Sprained elbow this week. I was trying to do a wall walk at my gym. It didn’t go well. I heard a pop and I was down. Now, I can’t lift with that arm for at least two weeks. My instructor asked how it happened? I suppose my elbow ligaments can’t support my weight! I don’t know, but I do know I’m going to be scared to try it again for quite some time.
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    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 134.2
    Today's weight: 134.4
    Weekly Steps: 65,724
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