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  • melaniedscott
    melaniedscott Posts: 1,119 Member
    and here it is...

    Totally worth the four miles
  • bumpbreakcar
    bumpbreakcar Posts: 191 Member
    Weigh In Day: Sunday’s
    HW (Highest Weight): 155
    PW (Previous Weight): 136.9
    CW (Current Weight): 136.4
  • bumpbreakcar
    bumpbreakcar Posts: 191 Member
    @melaniedscott omg yummmmmmm
  • cldvermont
    cldvermont Posts: 9 Member
    I think I missed my weigh-in last week, sorry!

    Username: cldvermont
    Weigh-in day: Sunday
    SW: 182.2
    PW: 178.2
    CW: 177.8

    Net loss = 0.4 lbs
  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 1,954 Member

    Sun- 17,175
    Mon- 10,708
    Tues- 11,832
    Wed- 6,928
    Thurs- 8,145
    Fri- 8,266
    Sat- 18,388
  • goingape
    goingape Posts: 434 Member
    @minstrelofsarcasm hi @jugar had it right. It was backwards ! My bad, sorry!
  • Just_Kisha
    Just_Kisha Posts: 189 Member
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    SW: 167.2 - March 16th
    PW: 156.0 - April 19th
    CW: 154.6 - April 26th
    LTD: 12.6 lbs
  • moamb
    moamb Posts: 9 Member
    Weigh-in day Monday
    Pw: 137.6
    Cw: 136.6
  • jedaschultz
    jedaschultz Posts: 916 Member
    Username: jedaschultz
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 205.2
    CW (Current Weight): 203.8


  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,665 Member
    Registration for MAY 2021 is open! Please invite friends or share the link with anyone you think would be a great new member:

  • Calli1616
    Calli1616 Posts: 1,693 Member

    Weigh in Day: Mondays
    Week 4 - April 26
    PW: 178.6
    CW: 178.6

    Third week in a row I am exactly the same. Ugh.
  • rachelrjh
    rachelrjh Posts: 244 Member
    Today is a good day for my weight-loss journey. I’m back to 160 lbs. In years past, I would diet and lose from 160, but during Covid, I let my weight go all the way up to 198 lbs.

    I’m not sure of my exact goal weight. I’ll decide when I get there. I’m thinking it will be anywhere in the range of 125 to 140 pounds.

    The graph below is my weight over the past 8 years. It shows how I’ve never been able to maintain a consistent weight. But this time will be different because I’m going to continue using this app and logging my food even after I reach my goal.

  • debbiewsharpe
    debbiewsharpe Posts: 432 Member
    @goingape - GREAT advice!
  • minstrelofsarcasm
    minstrelofsarcasm Posts: 1,640 Member
    edited April 2021
    ~ Welcome to April Week Five ~

    Hi Folks! Similar to last week, I completely forgot to make this post yesterday. But not similar to last week, I have an excuse this time. Yesterday was the day immediately after my second dose of the vaccine, and I decided to spend the entire day feeling anxious about when more serious side effects would hit me, despite having had a rough time after the first dose (and expecting to only have a rough time after the first and NOT the second). Seriously. My side effects were just general muscle fatigue, inability to concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time (which could have just been the coffee), and mild fogginess.

    But this morning, I was feeling more than ready to wake up early, hit up spin class, and perform well. Well... beyond during the one song dedicated towards upper body work involving the weighted bar resting on the bike. My arm is still sore, so let's just say my left arm strength isn't quite back to normal yet.

    Now let's get to what you're really reading this post for...

    ~ Super Steppers ~

    Our top stepper:
    @annliz23 !!
    - 16,732 steps per day on average, deviating 2,757 steps

    Our most consistent stepper:
    @debbiewsharpe !
    - 13,717 steps per day on average, deviating 2,097 steps

    Ended on a high note:
    - 11,635 steps per day on average, final day step count of 18,388

    Beat their last week step counts:
    - 65,724 steps
    - 58,896 steps (estimated from steps posted mid-week)

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    You have a new member heading your way ... Please welcome @ginamyrmel :)
  • KristieJC
    KristieJC Posts: 243 Member
    Welcome @ginamyrmel!
  • rachelrjh
    rachelrjh Posts: 244 Member
    My elbow is healing. I’m wondering how long it will be to completely feel better. I want to get back to lifting weights with it. I’m also wondering why my elbow joint was too weak for me to stand on my hands with my feet against the wall. My joint literally gave out when I got vertical. Oh well, some things in life are a mystery.
  • rachelrjh
    rachelrjh Posts: 244 Member
    @goingape . I’ve been wanting to start a skin care routine, but I don’t know what product to use.

    I have a few acne scars and light brown spotting from aging. What cream do you recommend for that? I don’t care about the cost I just want something that I will actually see results with using.
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