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  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 1,904 Member
    Week 1
    Pw 190
    Cw 190
  • podperson1
    podperson1 Posts: 180 Member
    Hi all,

    Weigh in
    username - podperson1
    week - 1
    PW - 189.2
    CW - 184.0

    Think some of that is water weight but will take it lol!

    @lennoncpa - yay for extended Sunny visits :) and fab loss (he must be motivating you!)

    @minstrelofsarcasm - mums are the worse with their well-meaningness :D Mine has thankfully told me that she was 'going' to send me Easter eggs but has decided they would be hard work to post so I've got a card and some money instead (just have to not spend the money on chocolate now lol)

    Have been fairly good this week, bit up and down. Usually allow myself a treat or two at weekend so shall have to try to keep it in moderation. Have my first Covid jab on Sunday, so am really happy about that - can't wait to be able to see people again!
    Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend x

  • Calli1616
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    edited April 2021
    @ljdanny – Did you make it to the new Zumba class? If so, how was it? I must confess that I did not get my third early morning workout in this morning, I slept poorly last night. Did you get your very early day going?

    @pacsnc6 – a loss! Great! And really happy to hear the “no pain” this morning. All the little wins! Glad you are feeling good.

    @mxlaw90 – where are you located? We are finally, finally kind of opening up. Bummer to have to go into lockdown mode again!

    @minstrelofsarcasm – nice plan on the Easter goodies! I love, love, love jelly beans of all variety so I would really struggle in your place with the sweets! Also, glad your muscle pull is better. It really is the pits when you’re on a good path and an injury sidelines you. So frustrating!

    @rachelrjh – Argh! How annoying for you to have the injury – but at least it sounds like you’ve got a plan to deal with the setback.

    @lennoncpa – nice loss! Woohoo! And glad that Sunny (and son) are getting to visit a bit longer!

    @podperson1 – fabulous loss! Water or no! Got my first Covid dose this past week, hope yours is as uneventful as mine was. I’m definitely ready to get back out to seeing people again.

    This week has gone pretty well for me so far – workouts done, on track with food (except for that one afternoon :| ), and sleep was mostly OK. Weekends are a little trickier as I’m home and around food more, so unconscious nibbling is a factor. I’m going to think/write a plan later today for what I hope to accomplish for fitness and health this weekend. I find that if I take a little time to actually focus on what I intend, I am more likely to follow through with it.

    Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!
  • KristieJC
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    edited April 2021
    Here’s a smiling face for y’all to see while scrolling through the feed. This is my Jessie girl, patiently waiting for me to finish yoga the other night.
  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 1,904 Member
    @Calli1616 I did not get to the zumba class, I decided to workout before the class time and do a challenge on my ifit ap. I did not get up early on Wednesday because I didn't sleep well Tuesday night.

    My food has been pretty good this week except for the Cadbury eggs but I did count them out. I have been doing pretty good for workouts too. Friday we usually go out to dinner if we dont go tonight I will jump on the treadmill. My granddaughter has a cold, we kept her home from school today. She wont let you give her meds she just starts spitting at you when she sees you coming with it. We try tricking her but no success there either.
  • Calli1616
    Calli1616 Posts: 1,612 Member
    awwwww...@kristiejc - that is a sweet, sweet face!
  • KUMEcyclingteam
    KUMEcyclingteam Posts: 112 Member
    KUMEcyclingteam, (BJ)
    April Week 1
    Weigh In Day: Friday
    PW (Previous Weight): 188.4 lbs.
    CW (Current Weight): 184.6 lbs.
    LTD (Loss to Date): 65.4 lbs.
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 339 Member
    Week 1
    Pw 167.2
    Cw- 163.2

    I really hope I can keep this weight loss going all of April. Otherwise I'm gaining and losing the same 4 or 5 pounds
  • KristieJC
    KristieJC Posts: 242 Member
    PW: 212.5
    CW: 207.5
    LTD: 5

    I know some of this is water weight. I always get a high loss my first week back on plan. But I’ll take it!
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 181.4
    CW 180.8

    Steps 65595 I haven’t done as much this week. In fact I only jogged once and went to the gym twice. I’m slacking.

    I have been at this weight since The beginning of the year. Give or take a few pounds. As I’m still using nicotine replacement and I’m not completely over cravings. So I’m not complaining but I need to re commit to this. I’m giving myself a relaxing holiday weekend but as of Monday I’m going back at dieting with a new commitment. I have been slacking. There have been a few incidents involving Easter candy and Reese’s eggs that were way over the top. I can’t just have one or two. Oh nooo, I have to eat half of the bag. Reese’s egg season is never easy for me. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    I’m sorry I haven’t been more active here. I don’t think it’s going to o get any better for awhile. My phone never stops. I’ve absolutely had no downtime lately.
  • brown6267
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    Maintenance weight 136.2

    Total steps 32173
  • podperson1
    podperson1 Posts: 180 Member
    Hi all,

    @Calli1616 - I think writing a plan down always helps you to focus more on what you're actually aiming for. Mind you my 'plan' for weekends is usually just 'stay away from the kitchen' so I'm prob not the best person to advise :D

    @KristieJC - Jessie is just gorgeous <3 My cats are murder when I'm trying to do anything like yoga or pilates, they are convinced the mats are the 'best' place to sit inbetween weaving round my feet, crawling under me when I'm trying to do things like a plank, and just generally being adorable nuisances lol! Your Jessie looks much more well behaved. One of my favourite online yoga instructors is Adriene, and I really just love her for the dog :) Fab loss this week, I think I had a big water weight drop but it's always nice to see that number going down.

    @KUMEcyclingteam - awesome loss :)

    @Zumba_Luvah - fab loss :) I've been the same lately, going up and down between the same half dozen pounds, am determined it will keep going down this time!

    Was a bit naughty and had takeaway last night, not ideal but it's only one day so not going to stress about it too much. Overall the week has been pretty good, working to get my snacking under control, especially in the evenings, and seem to be doing quite well on that side. Have also been making myself a lunch/bento box for each day - even if I'm working from home and am in the house all day. Think it's helping me to focus more on what I'm having during the day and have been packing it with relatively healthy stuff so it's quite nice. I'll need to learn to make panda rice and (veggie) sausage octopus next to make it a proper bento :D

  • hope002
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    PW 189.6
    CW 187.8
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    I am going to skip this month since I am going to see how I do with weighing less often, every month instead of weekly (unless I can still participate doing it that way). I just want to run a trial of how I do with taking the focus off the scale and focusing on trying to build/reinforce good habits for awhile. :)
  • cldvermont
    cldvermont Posts: 9 Member
    Well, I stuck to my gym schedule this week which is a win for me, because my eating and sleeping have been way off due to stress. I tend to binge eat when feeling stressed and anxious, so I’ve been trying really hard to not overeat. Tomorrow is weigh-in day, so I will see how this week shook out!
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