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introducing myself

adrianaflowers1999adrianaflowers1999 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
Hello, I am Adriana and I am 22. I have been struggling since the pandemic began to be more active. Since I used to walk to class everyday, I would burn a lot of calories. Now, I am less active and have gained about 20 pounds in a year. I am not that heavy. My BMI says I am overweight. Last year I was 115-120, now I am around 140. It's not that much, but it's a lot for me and it's making my knee hurt. the fact that i am small doesn't help. Any tips to be motivated? 20 pounds iisn't a lot to be honest but its my goal


  • debilangdebilang Member, Premium Posts: 897 Member Member, Premium Posts: 897 Member
    Hi Adriana, you are still young and you will lose the weight in a reasonable time. Cut out the sugar, and dial back the carbs. Our bodies are so used to carbs for energy. I used to be strictly keto, but now enjoy toast with my eggs etc., and I walk everyday...trying for 5 miles a day in a challenge. The processed sugar is what adds the pounds on overtime. Of course being more active is *always* great. 20 lbs *is* a lot especially if you were 115-120 last year. You can do it! Be consistent with your goal to lose those 20. This is a grrreat support group!!
  • l4a_pl4a_p Member Posts: 241 Member Member Posts: 241 Member
    Hi Adriana,
    you've come to the right group, I think 20 lbs is considered "a lot" here since most of us are trying to lose the last pounds or become more toned. So welcome!

    Concerning tips to be motivated... I suppose you already *are* motivated, otherwise you wouldn't be here?! =)
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