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We meet here to explore, share, celebrate and (sometimes) agonize over how we do (or don't) incorporate weight loss guidelines into our daily lives. "It's a lifestyle, not a diet" is easily and often said, but sometimes not so simply put into practice.

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Today's Topic: Desserts and sweet treats

How big of a problem are sweet treats and desserts for you? How do you handle it?


  • misterhub
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    With the exception of ice cream, sweets and desserts offer very little issue for me. I will eat them if I am at a party or dinner, but I rarely have them on my own. Occasionally.

    Ice cream, otoh, I have to be very careful with, and I rarely have it in my home. I try to limit my consumption of ice cream to time when I go out specifically seeking it. That works for me about 95% of the time.
  • Al_Howard
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    Most desserts tempt me. I keep "Hoodsie" style cups in the freezer, and have one, the last thing most nights. Only 5SPs (100 cal.)
    ALMOST dreading Saturday's reception lunch. There will be WAY to many goodies.
  • newmantjn
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    I tend to start threads on things that I am struggling with, so the question is real. Our current plan is just to use pudding cups and fat free whipped topping. Not super satisfying though.

    My other issue is that once I pull the pin out of the grenade, it's go time and if there is a decent quantity of any sweet treat around, it goes away quickly.
  • crewahl
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    Yeah, I’m with Todd on this one. I can do my “Sherman thru Georgia” pretty quickly on a tray of pastries. This is one of those foods like pizza where I find it easier to say “no” than to say “so more”. My solution is largely a matter of avoidance - stay out of donut shops and bakeries, say no to the dessert menu at restaurants, don’t bring it home from the supermarket.

    We have some of the chocolate Jello sugar-free pudding cups in the house. They’re quite good at two points, but small enough to be a bit unsatisfying. We may also do an imitation Belgian waffle - one Eggo Nutrigrain low-fat waffle with some sugar-free Smuckers preserves, and then a little fat-free Cool Whip for three points. It gives some sweet and some crunch, but it doesn’t trigger the “more” craving.

    The one sweet I have in the house are Healthy Choice Fudge Bars (fudgsicles). They’re three points apiece, and offer some treatment for both chocolate and ice cream urges. A box of eighteen is about ten dollars at BJ's Wholesale Club. Like Al's Hoodsie cups, I have one before bedtime. Unlike that, I may also have one or two in the evening.
  • 88olds
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    I could write a book on my battle with my sweet tooth. I think I made goal by fighting my sweet tooth to a draw.

    When I started WW I did this little mind exercise- I think I can do this if _____.
    First blank I filled was get a treat every day. So I researched treats. I soon found that I got the most bang for the WW pt with a frozen treat. If it’s a diet modified frozen thingy in the freezer case I’ve probably tried it. My first find was something called the WW Giant Fudge cup or something like that. 2 points. Then they quit making them. Rats.

    I moved on to the WW Fudge Bars. I knocked them off the stick and ate them with a spoon because it took longer. Now I’m onto no sugar added (artificial sweetener) ice cream. Weighed to the correct portion, 125 calories.

    And this has been key- give into another sugar treat during the day, no ice cream. The appeal of that evening treat wins out just about every time.

    Maybe some other time I’ll post about how I overcame the office donuts or my 15 year fight with the cookie.
  • beachwoman2006
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    Sweets/desserts are not a problem at all for me. I could go without them for the rest of my life. But things like pasta and bread? Put these in front of me and as someone else said -- I'm like Sherman through Atlanta. I have to say though that I'm doing much better with the "bread thing". I'm finding that I can survive without it :)
  • linmueller
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    Sweets aren't a huge problem for me, not because I don't like any, but because I'm picky about them! If a dessert isn't great, I'll leave it. Often times I don't even try cake unless someone who's food taste I really trust, is raving about it. We do usually have dark chocolate in the house, and I'll have a piece occasionally. My go to if the pound dropper lon "cheesecake". Maybe I enjoy it so much because it isn't very sweet and does have a good tang! I just wish I was as discriminating about all other food groups!