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    WELCOME @roarkesdrift to Team TrimStones! I'm Jessica, one of the two captains and the other is @mulecanter . On behalf of our whole team, I'm glad you found us!

    Take a few minutes and introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you hope to accomplish in the month of June and beyond.

    Read the last few pages of welcome announcements and let me know if you have any questions! If you're a walker, look for instructions on how to sign up for the step challenge and let me know!

    Again, welcome to the team. I think you'll find it to be helpful, encouraging and supportive! Good luck in June!

    By the way, the month starts on Sunday, May 30th (we always start on Sundays)...looking forward to watching your progress!
    Jessica :smile:
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    Your legacy is every life you touched.

    Absolutely love that. Totally sums up my friend (former boss & mentor- then I got his job when he became a senior teacher) who recently died, way too young. 30 years teaching & made an impression on every single child- was amazing & then he influenced a load of teacher leader/managers.

    Also welcome to @joshuabennett1893 and @roarkesdrift (interesting choice of username- what's the link?)
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    5/26 15,356
    5/27 17,153
    5/28 7,180
    5/29 12,180
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    edited May 2021
    PW 293.2
    CW 293.2

    Out of town for my anniversary. Using previous weight
  • DreaRN15
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    5/23 - 2607
    5/24 - 3381
    5/25 - 3742
    5/26 - 4819
    5/27 - 2478
    5/28 - 4306
  • Chalmation
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    5/27: 9,467
    5/28: 3,495 Lazy day
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    Thanks All :)
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