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Get a Jump on June - Accountability thread!!!

k8richerk8richer Member, Premium Posts: 72 Member Member, Premium Posts: 72 Member
47 yrs
GW 125-127?

June 1 - 131 lbs

I've never started a discussion thread on here, so here we go! 6 months into the year and where is everyone at with their goals?! I'm so close yet still always just hovering around or above 130lbs. Plateau, sigh.

Goals for June:
- cut sugary coffee and switch to tea
- no cheese
- alcohol once, on weekend
- run 2-3 x week
- 10,000 steps per day
- do my darned stretch and 💪 strength classes!


  • majokimajoki Member, Premium Posts: 161 Member Member, Premium Posts: 161 Member
    44 years old
    5'11" (180.3cm)
    April SW: 176.5lb (80kg)
    May SW: 174.9lb (79.3kg)
    June SW: 172.8lb (78.4kg)
    Goal: 160-165lb ish (72.6-74.8kg ish)

    May Goals, How it went:
    1. Workout 4-6 days a week.: YES!
    2. Eat 1450 calories per day and don't generally eat back exercise calories : Some days I ate over by up to 800 calories but since I'm not generally eating my exercise calories, it washes out...and my weight has continued to decrease.

    I started a running program in mid-May, and that's been going great... I'm actually kind of liking running.

    June Goals:
    Continue same as I've been doing.
    Start back in physical therapy to figure out back issues.

    🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Happy June!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
    edited June 5
  • f1tafter40f1tafter40 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Me: 44y, 6’0”
    6/6/21: 137 lb
    6/6/21 BMI: 18.6
    TARGET DATE: 6/25/21

    Evaluation of May goals:
    1. Log under 1650 calories/day M-F (flexible) or 11,700 per week. M-F, yes. Weekends were tough to stay on track due to a return to socializing.
    2. Protein target 120-140g/day and fat target 25-40 g/day, 80% of the time. YES
    3. Continue obtaining daily body weight and bi-weekly body measurements. Daily weights, yes. I have not been taking measurements; however, my clothes fit well. I have also been increasing strength without increasing body weight.
    4. Continue exercising, meditation, and good sleep hygiene. YES
    5. Report back to this group in June. YES

    June 1 – June 25 goals: FINAL STRETCH!
    1. Cut calories 1600/day (M-F); max 11,500/week.
    2. Increase protein 135-160/day.
    3. Increase cardio and intervals 3x/week, 30 minutes minimum.
    4. Report back to this group June 25.
  • francesca_greyfrancesca_grey Member Posts: 97 Member Member Posts: 97 Member
    * Goals Met *
    13 day fasting streak
    18 hour fasting average
    4 of 23 EPIC workouts completed
    2 of 5 pounds lost

    * Goals Not Met *
    * I had a snack that led to more snacks

    I worked hard this week but didn’t overdo it. My leggings are no longer tight and I can see my figure again. I hope to fit back in my jeans by the end of the month.
  • k8richerk8richer Member, Premium Posts: 72 Member Member, Premium Posts: 72 Member
    47 yrs
    GW 125-127?

    June 1 - 131 lbs
    June 6 - 130.6

    Still in the plateau (grrr), but feeling skinny-ish and that's what matters. I've been doing lots of stretch & strength classes and they are SAVING my back. I'm a new woman! Even went for a great run yesterday and first kayak outing of the season today ( I took it easy!).
    @tracimckinney yay for basketball nets! I swear it is sometimes the only thing that gets my kids moving (and me too).
    @CeeBeeSlim - I am sorry about your car accident! Is this recent?! Healing and husbands come first before worrying about a pound or two.
    @Antiopelle that's super diving is back on! Can you post pics? I'm so curious!
    @Cora0477 Im glad you are back!
    So nice to see old and new names here.
  • l4a_pl4a_p Member Posts: 241 Member Member Posts: 241 Member
    31y * 5'9" * BMI:22,6 * Weight goal: 63kg (138,89lbs)

    Jan loss:- 2,3kg~70,4
    Feb loss:-1.4kg~69
    March loss: -0.1kg~68.9kg
    April loss: ???
    May = gain: +1.1kg~70kg

    • Keep up 16h fasting
    • 5/2 fasting pattern
    • Alcohol max 4x/week
    • Keep up with the workouts: 3-4x/week

    2 June: 69.8kg
    7 June: 70.8kg - No words needed I think... I'm confident I can get a grip this week, at least until friday

  • tracimckinneytracimckinney Member Posts: 64 Member Member Posts: 64 Member
    @Antiopelle & @weatherking2019 great pictures! Thank you for sharing!

    5'5", 54
    June goal weight 128

    6/3 130.0
    6/7 130.2

    Ya'll, I finally got my basketball goal put together! It's been fun, great exercise and my son (18yo) is actually getting outside! Working on setting up the croquet set next.

    Made it to week 9 of my 12 week running plan. I'm challenging myself to run every other day so I can finish the plan by June 30th.
  • k8richerk8richer Member, Premium Posts: 72 Member Member, Premium Posts: 72 Member
    @Antiopelle that is just too too cool! What a crazy workout indeed!
    @weatherking2019 thanks for the pics too it's! it's amazing sometimes just changing the workout makes a huge difference (instead of just doing more of the same). Yay!
    @Go_Deskercise welcome back - you should go running with your dogs! So cute.

    I ran with my dog this morning before the crazy heat hit and it was awesome! Then I ate too much sushi for dinner but it was delicious 😋 My 15 yr old is apparently going to run with me tomorrow morning....we shall see!
  • Go_DeskerciseGo_Deskercise Member Posts: 1,552 Member Member Posts: 1,552 Member
    @k8richer - Just waiting for my little guy to get his last booster shots and then I'll start going on walks and runs with my boys again :)
  • AntiopelleAntiopelle Member Posts: 868 Member Member Posts: 868 Member
    I like the vibe in the thread at the moment ! :smiley:

    @l4a_p: chin up girl, you can do it! And maybe those holiday scales are just not as calibrated as the ones you have at home.
    @weatherking2019: what a wonderful family you have. If you can get your children diving with you on holiday that would be great. I have some friends with diving kids and that underwater bond is inspiring.
    @tracimckinney: just keep on running, you can do it !
    @go_deskercise: my god, how cute can a puppy really be !! :love: Can you send him/her over please??? And I can relate to the shorts issue. I almost couldn't don my drysuit, hubby had to squeez me in. Which motivates me to shed those last ponds for the umpteenth time.
    @k8richer: you are doing great, running before the heat hits. We've just started a two week sunshine period - bliss ! :sunglasses:
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