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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    I came across the concept of NEAT here on MFP a couple of years ago while I was losing weight. I realised that I needed to become less efficient as @LazyBlondeChef mentioned. I still like to sit with a book for an hour or more at a time (how do you manage 14 hours of stand time Maddie? Just sleeping and eating must take at least 9 hours?) but I do walk around the house, pace while on the phone, etc.

    @lesdarts180 The Apple Watch tracks a "stand hour" as an hour in which you were standing and moving around for at least a minute in that hour - so it's not 14 hours of continual standing! I usually get about the same, 14-ish hours a day on my stand goal, and I work 9 hours a day sitting at a desk! If it gets almost through the hour and you haven't stood & walked around, it reminds you to get up and move, which is nice.

    July 18th:
    ✅ Tracked all my calories
    ✅ Stayed under calorie goal
    ✅ Exercised more than 20 mins (25 mins walking to & from the park, plus playing with a ball at the park with my son, plus 40 mins of yoga in the evening)

    4/18 days (started July 12th, so 4/7 days from when I started)
    3 pass days used

    Freggies: 1+5 - not quite the 2+5 that I was aiming for, but not bad.

    Got myself out of the rut I was in for the few days beforehand, it was nice to get outside for a walk and a play at the park. Cooked a roast turkey thigh for dinner and served that with some lovely potatoes that I chopped and put in the air fryer with some herbs, and some other mixed veg.
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    @lazyblondechef Wonderful topic today!! This is something that I didn't really know anything about until about 6 months ago!!

    For me, at work I park as far away as I can - it often takes me 15 minutes to walk from my car to my desk! I also try to jump up and do something or go get something as soon as I think of it, rather than putting it off (plus I have a short memory!) I'm thinking of getting a standing desk at work, but haven't done that yet. I "pace" when I'm on the phone.... and I also try to get 10k steps each day... (more than that on the weekends).

    @donna25trinity awesome that DH went for a walk with you after dinner! How nice is that?! And using the baby carrier would be an awesome idea for NEAT exercise! 👶🏼

    @madisonmolly2017 You are such an inspiration! Your transformation over the past few years is really amazing! :love:

    @ashleycarole86 I love your attitude - that you view cleaning as an "opportunity" !! Also that you try to walk rather than drive when you can. That's pretty cool! :sunglasses:
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    @thabit11 I'm glad that you're feeling better and that you're back in it to win it (well, to "win" the month by staying accountable! And don't forget - you're still eligible for the UAC Champions)!

    @summerskier You're SO RIGHT that energy seems to beget more energy!

    @lesdarts180 awesome job on the bike ride today! Awesome view and even an ice cream to top it off! Wonderful!

    @Terririchardson112 what a terrific idea to use your waiting minutes to do weights or other things around the house. All those minutes do add up!!

    @whatmerunning I'm glad your foot is feeling better. I hope that you've caught it early and that your extensive stretching helps!
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    All three done.

    My neat is taking out the three dogs several times during the day, I will often stand up at the kitchen table to work from home so that gets me stand time, I walk back and forth through the house up and down the stairs. This also includes hanging laundry, vacuuming, tidying up the house.
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    @lesdarts180 and @TwistedSassette my fitbit does sort of the same thing. Every hour at 10 mins till, it will vibrate to let me know if I don't have AT LEAST 250 steps that hour. Then I have 10 mins to get up and get those 250 steps.

    @Jana_2020 I totally get protecting your feet! Good job though, doing what you can!!

    @snowshoe072 I've been thinking of getting a standing desk at work as well. I'll wait until we're back in the office full time before I ask for it though. Good job YOU for getting that extra burn whenever you can!
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    @MaltedTea Oh OUCH! How CRAZY is it that you would get this "rare" running injury!! I'm glad you're going to take a break from running for awhile. And dancing is a fantastic idea for some extra calorie burning! But you taking the stairs where you're living on the 7th floor!!!! All I can say is you are a beast!! Huge KUDOS to you! :love:

    @TwistedSassette those are some terrific ideas for the office! Thanks for sharing! In fact, you retrieving the smaller amounts of printouts from the printer reminded me that I will often jog in place, or jog around my area while I'm waiting for the printer. Everyone in my office knows that I'm in a lot of step challenges and have gotten used to me jogging around. Lol.
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    @WhatMeRunning Just tried to read a few posts from the last couple days. Glad to hear your foot appears to be on the mend!
    Good for you on knowing exactly what it was and how to treat it!