Ketone Breath Meter

maureli Posts: 722 Member
Does anyone use or have experience with the breath meters? I have just started using one (have always used the urine strips). I have been anywhere from 1.5-3.2. I do get a different number every time I try but I read that is normal.


  • txkajun263
    txkajun263 Posts: 54 Member
    What brand are you using? I never have used one but am interested in how accurate they might be.
  • Chocolatezilla
    Chocolatezilla Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, brand new here, only a few weeks on keto. One of the first things I did was purchase a breath meter. I went with the "Ketoscan mini" which works good for me. Happy with it, but it needs to be sent back for recalibration after 300 blows. This will cost extra, but you know it will be accurate again.