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    I feel a bit like a broken record, but pass day #13 for me. Day started out well with a good workout and tracked everything. Evening hours did me in as did some snacking.

    Hi @enlightenme3
    I find the evening snacking happens when I don’t eat enough calories at breakfast. I read two studies that really changed my lifetime eating habits.
    1. Women dieters on 1,400 calories a day who ate 700 cals at breakfast, 500 lunch & 200 dinner lost more weight over a 6 week period AND kept almost all of it off vs. the other group who ate 200 breakfast, 500 lunch, 700 dinner who lost less & kept almost none of it off.

    When dieting, I ate 700 for breakfast, 400 late lunch, 200 snack late afternoon, and 300 dinner for 1,600 cals.
    I would not go longer than 4 hours between eating
    9AM, 1PM, 5PM, 7:30

    2. Having a real-time calorie deficit of over 400 cals led collegiate athletes to have 13 negative athletic outcomes.

    I figured out some apps that will use what I eat & when I exercise & tell me what my calorie deficit/surplus is at any moment

    I leaned it it was 300, I’d begin thinking of food, 350 I’d be hungry, 400 I’d be dreaming of eating out. This latter activity became cue for me to eat something right away.

    Because I don’t have clear hunger signals, using these two studies & my eating pattern for a few years now, I HAVE learned much more of my eating behaviors & personal hunger/fullness signals

    Good luck! And keep posting ❤️❤️

    Very interesting insight on those studies. I do not eat breakfast generally because I like to exercise in the morning (somewhere between 9-11am) and feel better doing that in a fasted state. Maybe I'll try eating a little something with my coffee after my workout.

    I was observing this morning that I really am easily influenced by those around me when it comes to eating. If someone else is having a snack, "Hmmm, that looks good. I'll have some too." The exception is with my husband. He eats normal things that don't make me want to join in (massive bowls of oatmeal, carrot sandwiches, lots and lots of sweet potatoes).

    I'll see what happens when the kids go back home. Having 3 other people around all the time with different eating schedules may be part of the problem.