January 13

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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    I thought it might be timely to revisit a somewhat recurring topic. We have a lot of people who are newer to UAC who may have some surprising tips of their own, or could maybe use some pointers themselves?

    My meal prep routines have seen some changes with my shift from clean keto to WF(mostly)PB. So I'll admit to using this as an opportunity to harvest some new ideas. 😁

    What meal prep advice do you have to share which you find most helpful in your daily/weekly routine?
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    * 45 min beach jog, quick boxing session, walk & stretch.
    *Meditation and journaling
    * Under calories
    * Tracked honestly
    * Monitored sugars over

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    @Winner_in_Life Oh yum!! That does look good. I'm also trying to do more WFPB in January... and I'll definitely give this recipe a try! Let me know if/when you make it, what you think of it and I'll do the same.
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    Mrs_Hoffer wrote: »
    @Winner_in_Life Oh yum!! That does look good. I'm also trying to do more WFPB in January... and I'll definitely give this recipe a try! Let me know if/when you make it, what you think of it and I'll do the same.

    I will share when I make it. I still have a freezer full from the last batch cooking. And now when I eat only every other day it will take some time to finish what is already in the fridge ☺️
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    4.5 mile run
    Everything tracked
    Under allocated calories
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    My meal planning has changed since I discovered the Paprika Recipe Manager 3 this past year. (The basic program is free, but to really make the best use of it I paid the extra to have it sync to all my devices). Part of the excitement of changing a lifestyle for me is to try new recipes-- and prior to this year I had never done low carb. I am also trying to be more ¨plant forward¨ and want to try a lot of new vegatable recipes. Today I am trying this recipe https://hip2keto.com/recipes/keto-mississippi-pot-roast/ Actually I do not like raw radishes so we will see if cooked radishes actually are an acceptable substitute for potatoes with the roast!

    The program serves as an organizer, meal planner, shopping list on my phone, and more. My oldest son downloaded the program at Christmas, so recently we are exchanging recipes (they have a feature to make that easy also). Just since Christmas he also has decided to try low carb and for him the fun is also trying recipes and telling me about his favorites. The program just makes it incredibly easy to download the recipes online from any site into it and also is very compatible with MyFitnessPal-- each recipe saves the website where it was found so I can simply use the recipe function of MyFitnessPal, add the link, and log the recipe I made easily.

    Instead of using the full features of planning exactly which meal I will make which day, I plan about 5 recipes, usually at least three of which are new to me, that I will make over the coming week or so. I add the ingredients to my shopping list, do my shopping to have things on hand, and ¨pin¨ the recipes the area ready to cook. Now that I have retired, my husband and I usually cook supper together, and at the supper we rate the recipe we tried, decide if it is good enough to make again, and decide which of the other recipes we will make the next day and when we might need to shop again. Other times we ¨fend for ourselves¨ preparing simple things for lunch or snacks, usually not having a breakfast within our 8 hour eating window.

    My son bought me a prep station for Christmas but so far I have not tried it. I do occasionally cook things in large batches, such as making a turkey and freezing it in homemade ¨frozen dinners¨ for later. But those are the kinds of things I eat when I am ¨fending for myself.¨