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    Step goal: 6,000 daily
    1/3 Mon: 9,581
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    @Casandraw Thanks for the information...I want to take a closer look at the site when I have a little more time as I'm working currently. So many options...never knew! When I had emergency surgery a few years ago, my surgeon said I'd probably need surgery as I keep losing and he said that because most of mine was going to be in my hips/legs and would affect my ability to walk, insurance would likely cover much of it. I'm not ready yet, but maybe in a year or a year and a half. I'm just happy the scale continues to go down!

    Congrats on meeting your goals for movement all last year. That's a HUGE deal!! I haven't been diagnosed with arthritis, but I've had issues with my knees so I can relate to the pain. Sounds like you're doing the right regiment...hope you find a solution for it.

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    @beka3695 LOVE your goals...and your attitude! It's gonna be a great year for both of us! I CAN FEEL IT!! Like you, my numbers are coming back down from my holiday cookie stupidity. I'm doing great with my walking...already five miles into my January goal for intentional walking! Can't wait to see what I'll accomplish during the year...especially as the pounds continue to melt off! I'm hoping to see 250 this year! YAYYYYY!

    So, what kind of trouble will we get into then?!! HA!
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    Beka3695 wrote: »
    The squish can make sizing yourself so difficult, besides constantly shifting shape.. nothing just seems correct. Like I am a size large.. which at my weight seems incredible and I just don't understand. Even worse, I had to get medium size underwear, because my underwear was not staying up!! I don't understand how I can wear a size medium anything at 172 lbs (at 5'3"). I realize it has been 27 years since I weighed this and I don't really remember my size at the time, but sizing is a such an oddity. Am I more muscular now than I was as a kid? I have no idea. I know that can change weight/size ratio but I am not a lifter - I am a walker.

    I have decided sizing is just a general idea... I think the number system is just as ambiguous as S/M/L/XL. Also, I think sizing has changed over the last 20-30 years. I am about the same weight now as when I graduated HS. I was a size US14 then. I'm a size US10 now. I think my muscle tone is about the same. Vanity sizing maybe?? I saw a post on Insta a few weeks back where a woman tried on two pair of H&M pants - same color/style/size. One fit her baggy and the other would not zip. It is a frustrating crap shoot!! This makes online shopping even more frustrating!!

    Best of luck finding your true size!!!

    Yeh, sizing is a crap shoot. Both letter and number sizing is so random it might as well have pictures of household appliances and "your size is the microwave oven" would be just as informative as the letters and numbers we actually use.

    This happens even in baby clothing, where vanity sizing shouldn't be a thing. My 2-month-old was born 52cm (average is 50cm, I think) and outgrew some stuff that says 62cm on the label within the first month, and we have at least one 50-56cm size bodysuit that is still too big for her despite her being about 61cm now. Different labels have wildly different ideas of what 62 centimeters looks like, so I kinda just have to know which brand has bigger or smaller sizes when I'm shopping.
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    Fitness action of the day: attempted day 2 of the 30 day yoga challenge. This one was very ab heavy as well so I sat on my mat stretching my neck for most of it. I think I might have to drop the yoga for a while. I found a youtube channel that has a lot of bodyweight exercise videos and even a dedicated playlist for postpartum workouts, I think I'll try those instead. It looks like the lockdown will continue and gyms are closed until February, so if I want to start gaining strength I have to get over my hatred for home workouts and bodyweight exercises.

    Home improvement action of the day: I planned on cleaning the shelf thing in our shower, but instead some storage bins I ordered came today so I tackled one of the drawers under our bathroom sink instead. Turns out, we have enough bandages they'll probably last until our baby goes to school.

    Tomorrow is a big day, I get out of jail!! Well, not really jail, but my quarantine ends. I have a ton of errands to run and our daughter has her first appointment in the vaccination research we enrolled her in. The plan for tomorrow is walking to the subway station instead of taking the bus, and then walking home from the post office after running all the errands. My aunt and uncle are coming over for dinner on Thursday, so tomorrow's home improvement action will be just plenty of general cleaning to make our home presentable.

    (In case anyone is wondering: the vaccination research is about how well meningococcal vaccines work when given together with other early childhood immunizations, so not very experimental. All vaccines given in the study are already approved for use, and we signed up because this way our daughter gets both extra protection and free extra medical care and checkups during her baby years.)
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    Hi Shape Shifters,
    It's great to see more people on here.Quick intro from me.
    My name is Isobel but most people call me Izzy.I live in England UK with my husband & 2 adult sons who won't leave home!! I have been on MFP a few times over the last few years.I got to goal last May & managed to maintain quite well for a while.However I'm back on the yoyo & need to get back on it.
    I really find this group helps me to stay focussed & I love to read all the posts.
    I'm 62 this year so I like to be active,walk alot & attend my local gym.I love dancing too but sadly all the classes are cancelled at the moment.So I just put the radio on or 246 studio on u tube & dance like nobody's watching which is usually the case 🤣💃💃
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    @kcpond Need your steps for Dec 29-Jan 1st please...
    @hipari Need your steps for Dec 30-Jan 1st please...
    @Justanotherloser007 Need your steps for Jan 1st please...trying to close out December. Thanks!

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    30.12. 3318
    31.12. 6324
    1.1 9959
    2.1. 3077
    3.1 8318
    4.1 3874

    Looks like 3K is what i do without leaving home. Quarantine is a bi*ch.
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    @jessicakrall8 thanks for the words of support. You mentioned I could message you if I have questions. Do I do that on this chat board or is there another more direct way?
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    1/3: 10,431
    1/4: 7,230
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    @jessicakrall8 thanks for the words of support. You mentioned I could message you if I have questions. Do I do that on this chat board or is there another more direct way?

    @PamStellick Go to your Home MFP screen and you will see a MAIL tab at the can send me PMs from there...Also, I sent you a friend request, so you might want to approve that so you can see my news feed postings...once I get your first PM, I'll give you my email address as well.

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    Current Maintenance Weigh In:
    Today starts my husband's chemo treatment for his pancreatic cancer- it will be approximately 5 hrs that he will be infused at the cancer center, then comes home with his chemo pumping in through his port from pack for 2 days then its removed.
    There are so many side effects with each chemo that he gets, and we don't know how he's going to be affected plus all his other nerve/disability issues
    I did yoga this morning to help myself prepare for what's going to happen, but I'm still on edge😥
    No one knows what you're going through until it happens to you that's all I can say
    Thank goodness I can work from home as I have to drive him to and from treatment b/c he doesn't know how he's going to be doing- dizziness., nausea, etc

    @LaurieWrobo I'm praying for you today...I can only imagine how you're feeling...we're here if you need to vent.
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    Wednesday weigh-in
    PW: 202.0
    CW: 201.0

    @Beka3695 Loved learning more about your journey. Thanks for sharing and bravo on five months sober!

    @jessicakrall8 Thanks for all your encouragement for everyone. You make this group such a friendly and inspiring place to be.

    I probably started here in July or August of 2021. I do weigh every day and have learned it will go up and down and be frustrating sometimes. Reporting here once a week has been really helpful. I think I've lost every week I've posted which gives me hope when I'm frustrated and feeling stuck. The communities on MFP have made such a huge difference for me in staying focused. It's a good way to hold myself accountable.

    I've lost 63.1 pounds since May of 2021.

    What has worked for me:
    1. Logging my food every day even when I eat more than I should. Some days it's not easy, like Christmas, but I do my best.
    2. Weighing and reporting every day. Who am I kidding if I don't report it? Only myself.
    3. Looking back and seeing that overall, my weight is coming down and understanding that I'm not perfect and as long as I'm under my calorie goals more often than not, the weight will come off.
    4. Reading all the incredible nuggets in the MFP communities. Check out the Success Threads, the Non-Scale Victory and What People Don't Tell You About Losing Weight. When I get discouraged, all I have to do is look there to remind myself that I'm doing things I never would have done fifty pounds ago. Sometimes I forget what it was like when I had to read the room before I entered a restaurant to see where I might be able to fit when walking between tables.
    5. Asking for help. There are so many people here who have maintained their losses and are eager to help those of us still on the journey. They are the ones who have made me believe it's possible when the media will tell me that there are very few people who ever succeed at losing weight.
    6. Finding exercise that I like. At age 62 (now 63) I decided to take a swim lesson as a reminder on how to do my swimming strokes. I started swimming in July and have loved going to the pool. In July, I swam 550 yards in 57 minutes and had to seriously think about every breath and every stroke. On Monday, this week, I swam 1550 yards in 60 minutes and can spend time daydreaming. My sister and I also hike on Sundays.
    7. Getting a great fitness tracker. I did have a Garmin, which worked great. I transitioned to an Apple Watch in July and have loved looking back and seeing my progress (like swimming).
    8. I have one indulgence meal a week. It helps me stay on track when I'm craving something, like pizza. I know I can have it if I just wait a few days. It's a meal...not an indulgence day.

    If I can do this, you can too. I've weighed around 250# for the last 20+ years and had really given up. My doctor suggested I consider weight loss surgery in April of 2021 and that sent me back here where I jumped in with both feet. So thankful for a doctor that is honest with me. He is going to be really surprised when I see him in a few months.
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