April 1



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    Happy bday @DebyS137 hope u hve a fab day and hope u get spoilt rotten. Xo
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    Hi @lodilas 🥰
    I went looking for graphics on portion sizes just yesterday and I found these helpful….

    Handy hint: trace around one hand of each member of your family and stick it to your fridge as a visual reminder of how much to portion per person.


    And this one is more detailed:

    https://www.unlockfood.ca/EatRightOntario/media/PDFs-new-website/Portions Toolkit/Handy-Servings-Guide-EN-v04-July-2018.pdf

    Thank you! 🤗 That IS a really helpful and gentle guide!
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    April 1
    Starting off with a pass day :/
    No exercise - difficult day at work and with my 6 year old, and I had a headache all day (related) so I just ran out of time.
    Tracking - I mostly followed the plan I had set but deviated a bit. Just now I went back and fixed what I deviated - even recording the 3 peanut butter pretzels I ate.
    Calories - on target

    Pass days so far: 1
    Congratulations to all the winners! So inspiring!
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    Whelp, it's embarrasing to start out this way.
    I let Monkey Brain get the best of me for a late baad lunch, again, after a terribly stressful morning.
    I did get back on track for the rest of the day with food. And, still haven't figured out the exercise thang, yet. I need to make a lifestyle change, but it ain't happening, yet.
    I am mostly just trying to keep Monkey Brain at bay, now. That is my main focus... since I keep having so many stressful days. I did so MUCH better last month. Exercise will be coming up cause I know that I still have it in me to get it done... even if not as much fun to exercise right now. I can do it!
    So, all 3 were a No.
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    ✔︎ 20+ mins exercise (55min walk)
    ✔︎ Within calorie budget
    ✔︎ Log everything

    Consistency Tracking (🌱=3 ✔︎'s, 🏴‍☠️=pass):
    Passes used = 0 / 3

    Habit tracking this month:
    ✔︎ read/listen & take notes with intention 5+ days/week: “I am a lifelong learner”
    ✔︎ less processed food, this month no flour 5+ days/week

    Congrats to the winner's circle!🏆