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  • Cheesy567
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    Congrats to @gharvey2753 , @roz0810 and myself for being the top 3 weight loss losers for the week :)

    Outstanding work!!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    We have a new member joining our amazing team ...Please welcome @lallstar :)
  • Cheesy567
    Cheesy567 Posts: 1,186 Member
    CW: 233.0 +2.4

    Steps @Megan_smartiepants1970
    4/17: 4704
    4/18: 8181
    4/19: 7870
    4/20: 4378
    4/21: 9185
    4/22: 6515
    4/23: 4714

    Last week of the road trip, I should be home tomorrow hopefully. This past week I drove home from Florida through the Great Smokey Mountains to Ohio to Wisconsin now back home north to winter, lol. Lots of walking and parks and historical sites on the way. Saw my specialist, and a few family members and friends along the way too.

    I didn’t log my food a couple days because my phone didn’t have great connectivity and my focus was on driving and making accommodation arrangements and whatnot. The gain though isn’t much from over eating; I can see the water swelling in my legs despite all the extra walking and MLD I tried to do. Hopefully it will mobilize in a couple days of rest and routine at home.

    The goal of a park a day helped a lot. I’ll keep that on future trips. I didn’t use the plan of grocery store stops much until the last couple days. Keeping shorter drive times with more active breaks helped overall. I noticed, though, when I visit people that they tend to be *very* sedentary so I need to do my activity before and/or after. “Visits” were mostly eating and talking. No one wanted to walk, even with the dog as an excuse.
  • rwood566
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    Good Sunday evening. I hope you enjoyed it.
    Check in for 4/24:
    Steps - 13797 plus 10 minutes bike moderate level.
    Calories - 1950 or close.
    Exercise - 6 mile walk late morning in 1 hr 42 minutes. Did the same route as yesterday but backwards. Cut 6 minutes off my time. Gym after dinner. 9 machines and 10 minutes bike.

    @lindamtuck2018 I feel a bit apprehensive about going into maintenance. I know it means I have completed the first part of my journey but it is a new unknown.
  • jimboden3
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    Weigh-in Day: Monday (Apr 25, 2022)
    PW: 227.3
    CW: 225.6
    SW: 240

    I took my youngest son to a soccer tournament in Indianapolis this weekend and ate out with the other soccer moms & dads - not too healthy (BBQ & Mexican). Fun time but I'm glad to be back home.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    We are off to go walking...Be back later :)
  • Morethanjustanumber
    Morethanjustanumber Posts: 649 Member


    Date 4/24
    Step count 7083
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 7,702 Member
    Steps: 15,751

    Exercise: 67 minutes of laps, water aerobics and strength exercises

    I slept in as I had very little sleep as we had an issue in the family last night. I am going to head to the passport office in a few minutes and will read all the posts when I return.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 31,584 Member
    Just got back from our walk ...145 minutes 5.77 miles and burned 791calories..Felt great getting back out there
  • mszoueb
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    edited April 2022
    Username: mszoueb
    Weigh In Day: Monday:
    PW (Previous Weight): 237
    CW (Current Weight): 238.8

    Hi all, here for Monday check in. I went to step on my scales this morning, but the battery said "Lo" so couldn't use them! Had to find a manual one so not sure how accurate it is.

    These past few days I've had birthday celebrations, day trips, graduation ceremony and a meal out so maybe it isn't too far off however, 2lbs in a week is a lot to gain, probably an element of sodium related and due TOM soon. I have done quite a bit of walking over the last few days, saw I did over 15,000 steps at least on Friday .

    I made a lentil curry yesterday with white rice, did a pan of it and portioned it out in 4 containers so will be useful for the coming days lunchtimes. I'm off the meal prep service officially now, so able to experiment more with food and get veggie based meals in more going forward.

    As a starting point, I'm thinking it is perhaps best if I try celebrating any wins when I make healthier meal and snack choices before anything else right now.
  • Gwiz401
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    User name: Gwiz401
    Weigh Day: Saturday
    SW: 179.8 (1/7/22)
    PW: 174.4
    CW: 176.0
    LTD: 3.8

    Sorry again for the late post. Here is Saturday's weight.

    I'll be missing this Saturday as I am on a kayaking trip in Folly Beach, SC until Sunday.

    I know being with this group will keep the mouth parties at bay! The trick is to stay strong when I get home; that's the challenge.

    But my mantra will be PAUSE * BREATHE * THINK.
  • tahm42
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    didn't get an chance to weigh this morning ...I will get it tomorrow morning
  • Jpedno
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    edited April 2022
    4/24: 11,780

    Can't seem to get past week 4 in couch to 5k! I've done it many times before but really struggling with it right now.
  • rwood566
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    Good evening all. Bad day at the mouth for me. Ate out for lunch so lots of salt, jambalaya for dinner so more salt and a lot of snacking during the day and night. Scale will hate me in the morning.
    Check in for 4/25:
    Steps - 1425. I was out all day without my watch. I spent 4 hours playing tourist and then fake flower shopping.
    Calories - 2071 or more. Had to guess hard for meals today.

    Had to call to get a pre-op appt for Wednesday. I am having to call nightly for jury duty so now I have to call jury duty tomorrow and get it excused or rescheduled because I will be in the next group called, probably wednesday. I'm trying to juggle a lot of stuff at once right now. Not used to it anymore.
  • lindamtuck2018
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    Nice walk!

    You forgot that using different scales could also give a difference on the scales. I think it is important to celebrate those NSV when the scales are not cooperating.

    Enjoy your kayaking trip. You got this when you get back. Take one meal or snack at a time.

    I don’t know much about the program but is there a particular part that is giving you trouble? Someone might be able to give suggestions that did the program before.

    I will need a maintenance range for next month. So if you pick 233 as your maintenance weight, I need a low and high weight you want to stay in. Also, will you be weighing in while recovering from surgery? While on maintenance, you weigh in weekly and as long as you are in your maintenance range you are good. If you go out of the range for 2 weeks then you move back to the main team until you are in your range again.
  • lindamtuck2018
    lindamtuck2018 Posts: 7,702 Member
    Steps: 5,288

    The passport office was a bust yesterday. The line up was long and it was a 7 hour wait. I am going this morning at 7:15. The office doesn’t open until 8:30 so I am hoping I might be near the front of the line. I didn’t get a lot of exercise yesterday as I remembered my prescriptions were being delivered so I just did mini walks around the apartment and some heavy cleaning. If I get home early enough I will go to the pool otherwise it will be a rest day.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Nice walk!

    Thanks Linda ...We are about to go out again ..Waiting for daughter :)
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