May 1

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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    Just bumping this up to the top again.
  • Caroline_slowandsteady
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    Also, I posted this in introductions, but thought I would add it here too:

    I will be doing some of the regular admin posts this month, taking over temporarily from @Mrs_Hoffer who has to let real life take precedence for a little while.

    I would urge all of you to take a look at the Volunteer Schedule:
    And think about signing up for a day. I was intimidated for a long time about signing up to volunteer - I felt like only the smart people who had succeeded in weight loss were allowed to volunteer for this group.
    The truth is that this group needs everyone's help to run. Signing up to post the topic for a day just means that you start off the thread (either early in the morning or the night before) either with the already picked topic or with a topic of your choice - could be as simple as a silly gif or friendly hello, or it can be a question you're wondering about or request for stories/thoughts. I've found it very fulfilling and, quite selfishly, it has helped my learning a lot to be able to ask what I am most wondering about.

    Looks like we still need cheerleaders for Sundays as well - that just means you read everyone's posts every Sunday - so checking in a few times - and comment to encourage people.

    To sign up, just go to the link and leave a comment with what you are willing to do. @Mrs_Hoffer is away this weekend I think so it may be a bit before you officially get on the list, so be patient.
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    Welcome back Diane! You have been missed and it will be wonderful to see your posts again. I know that sensation of malaise and burnout and it truly sucks. 🫤 But spring has sprung and it is so much more enjoyable to get outside now. Those activity minutes are somehow easier to achieve with longer days of daylight (well, for me anyway). So happy you are here. @biketheworld 🥰