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I'm new to MyFitnessApp but really impressed so far.

47 years, in peri right now but already losing ground against my lifetime of poor living habits.

I'm an hourglass with saddlebag hips and a bulgy bum and now... I've lost the tiny waist to a midriff tummy tire. It's beyond muffin top and gone to full belly roll.

AND! What has happened to my upper arms?! They look like two soft sacks of gravy hanging off my arms back there!!! The beginnings of a crease/fold have settled in the elbow joint bend and im seeing dimpled cellulite in the mirror! I didn't even know you could GET cellulite on your arms!!

My neck skin is sagging. My jowls are dropping. The crepes are setting in on my flesh... this. Is. Bananas!

So... I've hit my limit. I've never had healthy eating habits in my life. Im terrible in the kitchen. And I hate regimented exercise... let's pick up something heavy. Let's pick it up again. Let's run over there so we can hurry up and run back. Um... no.

But... my disdain for my current physical appearance and my abject fear that it will only get worse (when you were xxx weight and said, I'll never get above xxy weight... and then you do... lather rinse repeat) and the sheer discomfort throughout the day with low energy, heaving breathe, and decreased agility and mobility... sca-reeeeew that!

So here I am. Logging food. Counting calories. Reading nutrition labels. Practicing moderation and healthy eating.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can... she said as she scowled at her own girthy caboose and chomped on another mouthful of ice hoping to trick her brain and her stomach into believing it was actually Oreos she was swallowing.


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    I am in the same situation, I am 52, over the last year I have gained weight in areas I have never put wieght on before. In fact I have gained about 30 lbs and can not seem to loose it. I also have all the other issue you are describing. I was going to the doc to talk to her about HRT, she sent me to the lab for blood work. In between then and the dr. appt. I had a lump show up on my breast so thats all on hold now. I had some hope it would help me loose some weight as I have been trying and nothing seems to work.