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  • micaroo4
    micaroo4 Posts: 2,879 Member
    Username: micaroo4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 129.6
    CW (Current Weight): 129.8

    Maintaining center weight of 130, goal range 127-133
  • bgame4
    bgame4 Posts: 94 Member
    Username: bgame4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 133 lbs
    CW: 134 lbs

    Phrase of the year: OWN IT!
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 5,854 Member
    Username: Trooworld
    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    PW: 230.6
    CW: 229.0
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 5,854 Member
    @judiasverdes Staying the same is definitely better than gaining! Congrats on that. Blue dots...I am on WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) and if I only eat within my points range for the day, I get a blue dot. It's a way for me to track how well I'm sticking to WW. It has nothing to do with this group, sorry for the confusion! I would highly recommend a reward chart. I have one of those and I find it motivating! :)

    @askewcr Great job getting to the gym and I love the positivity!

    @Katmary71 Well, I love it! I did eat well. All week, I have. Thank you, you too! I'm glad you got your neighbor out. I can only imagine what that is like to lose a husband and then go through COVID lockdowns by yourself. I'm sure she appreciated it. Sounds like you are doing great!

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! Yes, the music festival should be a lot of fun, we try to go every year to this one. I'm sorry about Joe not feeling well and you hurting your back. Enjoy the wine! You've got this.

    @laurelfit57 Aww, thank you! Oh gosh, sorry about the cold. I hope you feel better soon. <3

    @micaroo4 You really are doing great in maintenance! Congrats on being steady.

    Hi all. After I drink my coffee I'm off to get my groceries and then later this morning, we go to the blues festival. I can't wait! I hope you have a great weekend.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 5,065 Member
    The May Week 2 Group Challenge begins tomorrow, Sunday, May 7th. Join us to reflect, recommit and share your growth. Hope to see you there!

    Here's your link:

  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    @laurelfit57 So sorry you have been sick and I hope you recover fully very soon! <3

    @trooworld Have a great day at the festival. :)

    Hi Team! Well, the wine probably wasn’t the best idea since I was in such a terrible mood that I ended up giving in and eating a ton of garbage and waking up feeling like crap! This morning, I did a lot of reading about the Never Binge Again intensive program. It’s pricey and I didn’t want to go down that road because I thought I could do it myself. But you know I don’t think I can. I’ve been a binger for most of my life and these habits aren’t that easy to just stop. I need real help to get to the bottom of why I keep sabotaging myself. The program starts on Monday and I’m excited to throw myself into it and see what happens. :)
  • digger61
    digger61 Posts: 3,763 Member
    Username: Digger61
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 221 lbs
    CW: 220 lbs
  • laurelfit57
    laurelfit57 Posts: 474 Member
    @micaroo4 wow! Good job on maintenance!

    @trooworld congrats on the loss! Hope you had a great time at the blues festival today!

    @TeresaW1020 thanks Teresa, happily I got better just as quickly as I got sick. If I have more than one drink, my eating goes out the window! I have had to absolutely come to terms with that and over this last year, alcohol has been ALMOST nonexistent in my life. There is no way that I can drink and eat sensibly. Years ago I used to be a smoker and the final time I quit smoking, I had to also give up alcohol for two years. That dang booze gets me into all sorts of trouble🤣🤣🤣. I know that you are going to find the ticket!

    @digger61 congrats on the loss!!

    I woke up this morning feeling about 90%! I was able to get in a spin class at the gym and then ran out to a small town about 45 minutes away from here. One of my agility trainers had entered a senior dog of hers and I wanted to see how a real pro did it. After the gym I raced home, took Vannie for a quick walk then we headed out to Cardiff. When we got there, I found out they were running an hour ahead so I had missed seeing Rebecca and her dog. She said “no worries they were doing it again, two hours later”🤣. So we stayed out there until 430 and now my legs are screaming at me. Going from a spin class to sitting for four hours, hmmmm…not the best thing to do😜. It still was a very enjoyable morning and afternoon. Watching the seniors and the “specials” do agility was super entertaining! Some of them would dawdle, others would just do whatever they pleased. It was kind of like watching tiny little kids do an activity that is way out of their league, super entertaining lol
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 6,528 Member
    @TeresaW1020 I'm so sorry to hear your back is acting up, hope you feel better when you wake up and feel less grouchy. Pain and grouchiness are great bedfellows! I can totally see how drinking wine snowballed, I notice when I drink now I crave carbs but I don't tend to any other time. Congratulations on starting the Never Binge Again program, I hope this is just what you need.

    @laurelfit57 I hope you feel better soon, talk about getting whammied! Just saw you're doing better today, I'm so glad. Your day sounds like fun but long! I know exactly what you mean, I worked out then went to the garm and sat scooting down the rows, I tried to get up and my hip flexors cramped, stupid body!

    @trooworld The blues festival sounds fun, have a great time!

    Hi everyone! Did my workout this morning with my new weight bench I got off the freebie app, I dragged it in front of my computer and it was really fun to do something new. I was at the food bank farm for two hours, a bunch of high school kids were there as today was a community service day and the high school sent them over. I've been pretty tired since I got home, my brother asked for Skinnytaste Greek Pasta Salad for our get-together for Mother's Day and my youngest nephew's birthday so I made it tonight so the flavors could settle in. Off to read my Susan Mallery book, obviously the couple will end up together in one of hers but I have to see how it happens! Have a great Sunday and Happy Mother's Day!
  • amioc
    amioc Posts: 175 Member
    Username amioc
    weigh in day: Friday
    Starting weight 147 (28/01/2022)
    All time heaviest 148 (24/01/2022)
    PW: 143.9
    CW: 143.4
  • micaroo4
    micaroo4 Posts: 2,879 Member
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms!

    all my children have fur.
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 1,004 Member
    Hi, I'm Lisa from Florida. I'm married with two young adult children. My daughter is still in college, my son just graduated and moved back home. I've struggled with weight since the freshman 15, gained and lost with a few different methods over the years. It doesn't get easier to lose as you get older. I've been in this group for a couple years now and the support is very beneficial to me. It's helped me identify and clean up several bad habits.

    I've been on vacation last week, but I've read all your posts and have been thinking of you all. We had a really nice time with our company. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits! My eating was pretty good while they were here. Now we are spending some time with the kids and there has been more restaurant eating, etc. I'm going to be challenged for the next couple days as well. Will at least get back to workouts starting tomorrow and be back on track by the end of the week.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 5,854 Member
    @TeresaW1020 Thank you, it was fun! I'm sorry about the binge. I'm excited to see how the intensive program goes. I hope it helps.

    @Digger61 @amioc Congrats on the losses!

    @laurelfit57 Thank you, it was fun! I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm glad you got to see the senior dogs do agility. That sounds like fun!

    @Katmary71 Thank you, it was! Yay for a new free weight bench! I hope you enjoyed your book.

    @Cornanda I'm glad you had a good time with your company. Have a good day.

    Hi all. The blues festival was so much fun but my eating and drinking did not go as planned. I'm kind of mad at myself honestly. I had a plan and I just blew through it. But oh well. Today's a new day.

    Speaking of today, if this is your special day, then I hope you have a good one. Mother's Day is painful for me, I may have mentioned this previous Mother's Days. I didn't have a good relationship with my mother when she was alive and never felt loved by either of my parents. I don't have children. This day is kind of a big dagger in my heart. I stay off social media for the day because all of the "Happy Mother's Day"s are too much for me. If you are like me, well, hugs to you. I see you.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • laurelfit57
    laurelfit57 Posts: 474 Member
    Weekly weigh in
    Username. laurelfit57
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 139.6
    CW. 137.3
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  • kitchendh66
    kitchendh66 Posts: 9 Member
    Weekly weigh in
    Username. Kitchendh66
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 344.4
    CW. 342.6

    It was a rough week dealing with the pain, but I pushed through. Having a MRI on Thursday to see what is going on.
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    Weigh in week:  Week 2
    Weigh in day: Monday
    PW: 186.6
    CW: 188.2
    Month +/-: -.06
    Total Loss: 76.2

  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 1,004 Member
    @trooworld - I'm sorry that Mother's Day sucks for you. I think there are more people than we realize that are in the same boat as you are. Hugs to you!

    @laurelfit57 - Nice loss this week- you are killing it! You must be very close to goal.

    Happy Monday to all. Had a big dinner yesterday. It included cake. Now there is leftover cake. I do have to plans to minimize the cake damage. Getting back on my step today and strength tomorrow. My daughter is here until Wed night, so meals are a bit different than what I usually eat. I tried to plan them to minimize damage since I had a vacation last week. Time to go exercise and get caught up at work.

  • micaroo4
    micaroo4 Posts: 2,879 Member
    Early day at work for me (5:30am), due to needing to connect with our remote IT guy to process the 2021 year end close. Everything closed OK, as expected. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the year is closed and all the before and after reports are in balance.
    It's a cold day here in NH. We had a frost last night. It's supposed to get up to 60F today, but the cold start certainly put an end to my plans to bike to work today.
  • leonadixon
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    PW 4/29: 227.0

    Check in weight (5/6/2022): 225.6
    Check in weight (5/13/2022):
    Check in weight (5/20/2022):
    Check in weight (5/27/2022):
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