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  • leonadixon
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    PW 5/20/2022: 224.1

    Check in weight (5/27/2022): 222.6
    Check in weight (5/13/2022)
    Check in weight (5/20/2022):
    Check in weight (5/27/2022):

    Well! I have Covid! I am resting, drinking fluids, and doing nothing. :(

    I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend!
  • TeresaW1020
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    @Cornanda Congrats on accepting the new job offer and you are right that if you haven’t done full time for a while it will be an adjustment. You will get that 25 lbs. off but maybe don’t put too much pressure on hitting it by a certain date. I don’t know why but whenever I try to target a date to hit my weight by, I almost never make it happen. Weird self-sabotaging going on in my psyche. :#

    @trooworld I really like that you are focusing on the positive and not the negatives. We should all do that and stop giving so much power over what we don’t do right and celebrate every win that we do have. Do you think doing the Tonal hurt your knee? I tweaked mine a little this morning after not working out for several days. Knees!! :s

    @infamouscandi I love your username and congrats on your awesome weigh-in this week!! :grin: I remember all too well being the biggest girl in my friend group and hating going into those clothing stores with them that didn’t remotely carry my size. You have a great goal to be able to shop anywhere you like and buy what makes you look fabulous. Stay committed and you will get there! :)

    @FushiaKat your Tassie looks like she doesn’t put up with anything she doesn’t want to put up with! :D Beautiful coloring!

    @leonadixon so sorry that you have the dreaded Covid! I’ve had it twice and you are doing exactly what needs to be done. Take care!! <3

    Hello everyone! Not too much going on today. I went to Walmart for groceries and once again ranted at the crazy prices we are now paying. I need gas but want to wait until after the holiday in hopes it will go down a bit. I’m sure it won’t! :| Tomorrow I have to get Maggie to the groomers and then go into the office. I’m hoping to get some cleaning done too since we have no homeschoolers for the next two months and nothing on Wednesday nights for the church for the next couple of weeks. This is the cleaning lady’s favorite season!! :grin:

    Summer Challenge
    16 hours minimum fast 18 hours
    NO sugar/snacks No sugar but I did have a little snack of cheese this afternoon.
    Workout (5 days per week) 40 minute weight program
  • Frutoschrysalis
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    Weigh in day : Monday
    Starting weight : 260
    Current weight: 227

    I'm victoria and so excited to do this with you all. I'm a type 1 diabetic so I follow low carb to help with blood sugar control.

    I have a binge eating disorder but mfp helped me manage it for most a decade wheb I stopped using it I fell off track.

    I'm a new mom to a 4 month old boy and an old mama to a 15 yr old girl

    I love exercising it's my favorite thing to do and if I don't do an exercise daily I'll be a sad camper lol

    Let's do this !!!

    Ps I'm typo queen and never spell check my typos 😆

  • Katmary71
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    @RaquelFit2 Too funny, hips don't lie about calories right?!

    @Cornanda Congratulations on the new job! There's two different types of fennel, one's an herb and one's a vegetable (Florence fennel). I wouldn't know any of this if I didn't garden and didn't try new veggies the first year I was in this group to be honest! I grow bronze fennel this year and grew the other in my garden last year too.

    @LeahIsALoser I agree with @trooworld , talk as you feel comfortable with, it's what works for you.

    @trooworld Good luckwith your walk today, I hope your knee can hang in there but don't push too hard (easy to do). Sounds like you had a great day!

    @nfamouscandi Welcome to Slimpossibles, glad you're with us!

    @FushiaKat Congratulations on 89lbs down, that's awesome! Tessie is beautiful but looks like she may have a little 'tude! This is said by someone with a cat with a major 'tude so I recognize that look!

    @TeresaW1020 Shopping and gas is so painful now! Tomorrow sounds busy, hope things go well with Maggie!

    @Frutoschrysalis What kind of exercise do you like to do? I exercise most days unless my back goes out or I'm totally unable to get out of bed.

    Hi everyone, happy Monday! Allergies are going a little crazy but it's been a relaxing day aside of that. I was called to water at the food bank farm and everything's looking good there. I finished my book and read a few magazines through the library app and started another. Garden's doing great, did my Summer challenge items, and am heading back to my book. Have a great Tuesday!
  • laurelfit57
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    @cornanda Thanks for the tip on googling those interview questions! You really can find anything on Google nowadays can’t you, I should have thought of that! Hooray! Huge congratulations on landing that job! I know the thought of working full-time scares me a little as well! Really truly sorry to hear the news about your mom, your plate is just overflowing right now. Big hugs to you❤️

    @trooworld Congrats on the victories, those are what should be celebrated and thought about, the misses should just be moved on from😊. I hope the walk went well, it is the effort that counts! I am afraid that I am with you on the water, since I have been in maintenance that’s one thing that has been lacking and I need to pick that up. Thanks for the reminder! Looks like you had an awesome workout!!

    @TeresaW1020 so happy to hear that Joe has been declared cancer free, hopefully his other issues will be straightened out quickly. I am right there with you with the gas, it is $6.48 a gallon at Costco which is the cheapest by far, CRAZY!

    @Fushiakat oh my word! 114° in the shade, are you serious? I can’t even imagine!

    It was a crazy busy weekend but lots of fun.
    On Saturday they open the pool here, so we spent most of the afternoon in the pool, with a four and five-year-old, can I just say I was pooped by the time we were done🤣
    On Sunday we went out to the farm, where I grew up, (my grand parents from Ireland actually settled there when they came over in the early 1900s and my brother and his family still live there). There was 4 generations of us there having a belated Mother’s Day celebration 🥰. My nieces son, with Down Syndrome, has been very sheltered this last couple of years as he is medically fragile, so it was wonderful to see all of our grandchildren playing together!
    My hockey team did win the last round, so now we go onto the next series! The games will be earlier this time, but all those hockey game nibbles that my mother puts out make me nervous lol! I was pleasantly surprised at my last way and that I am still maintaining even with all the celebrating and anxiety over those hockey games LOL LOL
  • micaroo4
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    Hi all!
    My name is Mica, and I'm from New Hampshire. I live with 2 beautiful cats: Scout (15) and Earl (9). Earl is the kitty in my profile picture. I am currently on maintenance, and have been maintaining my goal weight of 130 (range 127-133) for over 2 years. I work 4 days/week as bookkeeper in a plastics factory. In the summer months, I commute to work by bicycle (about 7 miles). I have a goal for 2022 to "walk the year" in miles. I just crossed 900 on May 29.
  • trooworld
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    @FushiaKat Tessie is so beautiful! What a cute kitty. Thanks for sharing.

    @leonadixon Oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope it's a mild case and you get better soon. Hugs.

    @TeresaW1020 Yes! I think it's helpful. :D No, my knee is a bit wonky and hurts randomly every once in a while. But it could have been the Tonal. Yeah, grocery prices are ridiculous. And gas prices. It's like we are getting the opposite of a raise this year lol. Good luck with the cleaning. Great job with the summer challenge goals!

    @Frutoschrysalis Congrats on the new baby! That's great you love to exercise. I'm the opposite but learning to tolerate it lol. No worries about typos. ;)

    @Katmary71 Thanks! I have been having many great days lately, it's nice. Sorry about your allergies, mine have been bothering me a bit lately too. I've had to take allergy medicine. Enjoy your Tuesday!

    @laurelfit57 Thank you! I did well on the walk (more on that later). Yeah, water is so important. I know that and I don't know why I don't do a better job consuming it lol. That's good you got some pool time in. And how wonderful to have time with your family! Yay for your hockey team!

    Hi all. I decided to do a workout on the Tonal before my walk yesterday, if I didn't do it before the walk, I knew I wouldn't do it. So, I did a 40-minute workout and it felt great. Then met up with my friend at the lake. We walked for 4.12 miles and my knee did fine. At one point, there was a random pain but luckily it was on the way back to the parking lot and it went away. It was such a nice day yesterday, my husband and I went to lunch when I got back. I had an ahi tuna salad and a beer (we were at a beer place so it was practically mandatory!). The rest of the day, I was so pooped, that I just rested. Got over 12,500 steps in. Drank enough water.

    30-Days to Summer Challenge (May 21-June 21) commitments for yesterday:
    Work out at least once a week - X
    Drink at least 60 oz of water each day - X
    Log at least 2 meals each day - X

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"


  • Cornanda
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    edited May 2022
    @davors19 - Congrats! 50 pounds is a terrific accomplishment!

    @trooworld - focusing on the positives has been very helpful to me. Negative thoughts make me want to go off the rails. Sounds like a nice active day for you yesterday!

    @infamouscandi - Nice loss! Glad you will be sharing your journey with us.

    @FushiaKat - your kitty is beautiful!

    @leonadixon - Nice loss! Hope you're feeling better soon!

    @TeresaW1020 - Agreed on setting dates. I was a half a pound away and got excited that I could make it happen this week. Missing goal dates is a trigger for me as well. You are doing great with your fasting!

    @frutochrysallis- Wow, 4 months and 15, that will keep you busy! I love you typo comment. It's really cool that you like to exercise that much!

    @Katmary71 - thanks for the info on the veggies. I cannot grow a veggie to save my life! Have had several failed experiments. Both of the ginger plants we bought in April are doing well. The pinecone one might be a little bit too happy- It's gone from 1 shoot to about 10 and is a foot tall already.

    Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes for my Mom. She's seeing a surgeon next week and then we will know more.

    @laurelfit57 - Wow- lots of happy things going on for you right now- successful maintenance, big family gathering and the POOL! Sounds so nice.

    @micaroo4 - Just want to say again how impressed I am with your commitment to be so active and keep your weight steady.

    Not much new here. I started the challenge late, I'm 5/7 days with goals met. I made myself a colorful chart with gel pens. I also just realized that next week I will be out of town a few days for my old job, which means meeting my goals will be tough- more eating out than usual. I think I will continue the challenge a bit longer. Today, my daughter and I will "bum around" which means we'll go to some stores and wander.

  • tupsundus
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    Weigh in Day:Tuesday
    PW: 176 lbs
    CW: 177.3 lbs

    I was hesitating whether to post the numbers for this week or not (nobody wants to start a weight loss challenge with a gain) but I guess it is always better to face the facts :neutral: I was sloppy with calorie counting and not paying attention when eating out with family and friends. So the end result is not really surprising, but I am still disappointed in myself. On the positive side, I managed to stick to my exercise routine (3 x jogging, 3 x workout at home).

    My goals for this week are to count calories on six days out of seven and avoid snacking when not hungry (especially in the office).
  • DanielleHeitzenrater
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    weigh in day is Friday
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    Hello my buddies! My name is Jennifer and I am a 48 year old single mom of 3 adult children. I live in beautiful Southwest Michigan, right across the Lake from Chicago. My son, Marcus, is 26 and in the Navy, stationed in Virginia and engaged (getting married July 10). My oldest daughter, Sydney, is 25 and lives with her husband, Nick, about an hour south of me, and my youngest daughter, Hunter, is 22 and is still at home with me, but signed a lease for her first apartment and will move July 22. She will be about 30 minutes from me and 15 minutes from her sister, so that makes me happy. I also have a sweet rabbit, her name is Kismet. I love to rubber stamp (I’m a Stampin’ Up demo) and make cards. I'm an active member of my church (Board member), and also love horror movies and books. I have worked in Community Development at my County for over 17 years. I’m trying to break free of my food addictions. I’ve just recently started using the Healthi app…it’s like a knock-off version of WW. The plan it assigned me is “Conquer Cravings”. I just really want to be successful, but I’m definitely a Negative Nancy in all aspects of my life. It’s hard overcoming it. I’m in the process of finding a therapist (last one resigned to run a non-profit).

    Anyway, little update: I drove down to Virginia this past Thursday to see my son for the 3 day weekend (drove back yesterday). We went to the grocery store Friday morning and I bought food instead of defaulting to eating out. So glad I did. I was able to stay within my daily “bites” for the most part and only used a few weeklies. Hoping to keep on track.

    Side note for all the newbies – Welcome! And I got the ok before, so mentioning it again, that creating cards is one way that I keep my hands busy and snack-free. If you’d like me to send you a random card, just send me a friend request. After I accept the friend request, then we can private message so I can get your mailing address.

    I shall sign off now with my 2022 Mantra: NO ZERO DAYS!
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    @laurelfit57 – Just a forewarning…if you don’t like any little bits of gore, then you won’t want to watch The Wolf of Snow Hollow :smiley: Here’s the link if you want to watch the movie trailer: https://imdb.com/title/tt11140488/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_3

    @Cornanda – I will definitely be praying for your parents. Prayers that they will find a place that is the perfect fit for them both and that your mom is able to adjust without confusion. Congrats on accepting the new job! How exciting!

    @DanielleHeitzenrater – congrats on being 6 months smoke free! I’m an ex-smoker (16+ yrs) and every once in a while, I get a craving. But I know I never want to start over from Day 1 again. Hang in there!

    @LeahIsALoser – But now I WANT to kick some fat butt! Hahahahahaha!

    @trooworld – I’m so glad you were able to do all that walking without your knee squawking at you! Yay! Aren’t walking maps hilarious? My friend tracks when she mows her lawn and posts them. Too funny!
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    PW (5/22): 192.4
    CW (5/29): 190.8
  • FushiaKat
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    Weekly weigh in
    Username. FushiaKat
    Weigh in day. Tuesday
    PW. 155.4
    CW. 154.8 😁

    A small loss, but I met my goal to be under 155 lbs. My next goal is 150 lbs. Only 19.8 lbs. to my goal. I'm still eating lots of popcorn and fruit. Our Nectarine tree has ripe fruit, and my husband keeps bringing me fruit. I love it but I'm not leaving enough room in my food diary to be able to eat extra fruit. They are the best Nectarine's I've ever tasted, it's hard to pass them up. So sweet they are like Candy 🍬 After I finish eating the strawberries, I have on hand I won't buy anymore. After the first container I bought the rest have not been very sweet at all, and I have to eat a couple of blueberries at the same time, so they are not too tart.

    I'm not been feeling well the last for day's I've had migraines, horrible nausea, and bathroom issues. I'm hoping it passes soon, maybe I ate something bad.

    30-Day Summer Challenge goals.
    Update for May 30th.
    Walk 3000 steps - only 2659
    Sleep 7 hours - 7 hrs. 34 min
    Weigh everyday - Done
    Track all my meals and stay under 1200 calories. - Done
  • krea4
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    @trooworld thanks for the welcome back.

    Hi everyone

    I've had a tricky 2 years. An emotional roller coaster to say the least. So since I'm a 50yr old emotional eater the weight has bounced up a down with my mood.

    Yesterday I hit a new heaviest weight. So I'm back here with renewed commitment to reducing the sweet snacking. Today I did eat chocolate but not as much as yesterday so that's a win! Also for the first time in ages I didn't snack in the evening, even though I felt hungry🙂

    Looking forward to being accountable with all of you 🥳
  • krea4
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    Monday (sorry it's late)
    PW: 70.95 kg 156.4 lbs
    CW: 70.70 kg 155.9 lbs
  • DanielleHeitzenrater
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 thank you and congrats on not smoking as well some days are not so easy it is hard sometimes but now I find other things to do besides sit and smoke. I also try to do things with the family I have to motivate them.
  • Katmary71
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    @laurelfit57 Your Mother's Day celebration sounds wonderful, glad all the grandchildren got to hang out together.

    @micaroo4 Earl is precious, what a cutie!

    @trooworld Sounds like you're in the zone with everything right now! Great workouts and meal!

    @Cornanda Too funny about the pinecone ginger, you're doing something right!

    @tupsundus I'm glad you still posted your weight but get why you were hesitant, know that no one here will ever give you a hard time about a gain. I was worried about that or weeks I didn't lose when I first joined and people aren't like that at all here, everyone's supportive. It does help me to be honest logging and posting even if it's uncomfortable, we all go through it at one point so you're never alone.

    @Vegan4lyfe2012 Read any good horror books lately? I'm reading urban fantasy right now but am always up for another good one! I have to see if I can get The Wolf of Snow Hallow, I forgot about it! I think I get Epix, have to double check after this.

    @FushiaKat Congratulations on being under 155, woot woot! That's so awesome! I love that your nectarines are amazing, there's something extra special about eating stuff from your own yard. I hope you feel better soon.

    @krea4 Great to see you back! Sounds like you're getting back on track, way to go on eating less and not snacking! It seems once you start doing it again it's easier but the first night not snacking or having sweets is a PITA!

    Hi everyone! Not much new, I worked out, went to the farmer's market for fruit, read, gardened, and worked. I did my meditation and I'm drinking my tea now and have my last round of stretches to do. Tomorrow's PT and watering at the food bank, since we're in the 90s I'll go twice a day to do it the next few days. I totally spaced going for volunteering today and sat real low in my car when I drove by on the way to the farmer's market! Have a great Wednesday!
  • RaquelFit2
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    @krea4 I'm an emotional eater too. Especially with snacks.
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