60(F) & Trying to Gain Weight🥹

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Hello all!,
I am new to the group, but having been using MFP for a few years, off and on. I’ve always had a horrible relationship with food since I was a child’s. I’m retired from the military. Our nutrition and physical fitness was regulated so I was in good shape when I retired 5 years ago. I went from working out 5 days a week and conscious of what I ate to not exercising at all and bearly meeting my daily caloric intake. This was a result room chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD and auto-immune hepatitis. I eat food not for pleasure, but to live.

I recently return to MFP to help with guidance, receives but mostly accountability!


  • Bestdadm8
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    IGY6, i know about PTSD. Sorry you have suffered from this also. Here to support you my friend. Take care of yourself. Here to keep you accountable if you like!
  • beccaboo1276414
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    I can relate. Auto immune issues are the pits, and frequently come with depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, I can relate to the PTSD, too.

    Glad you are here!

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    I have been trying to maintain my weight, I lost a lot due to stress the past few years and had to add nutritional drinks. I joined MFP to help remind me to eat. Hope you are doing better and find ways to keep nourished.