WeightNoMore Team Chat - JULY 2022



  • gigglemachine
    gigglemachine Posts: 82 Member

    Weigh day: Saturday (usually!)
    PW: 198
    CW: 198

    Sorry team, no loss this week. My excuse is that I'm weighing myself 2 days early as going to France tomorrow 😆

    Have a great weekend everyone, au revoir
  • rachelrjh
    rachelrjh Posts: 224 Member

    Weigh in Friday
    Pw: 152

    “Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.”
    -Zig Ziglar

    From the Motivation app

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Hi WNM..You have another new member joining your team ...Please welcome @SarahJoyManea :)
  • MotylekOkruchy
    MotylekOkruchy Posts: 185 Member
    edited July 2022

    PW: 138.1
    CW: 140.5

    And here's what (in my opinion) contributed to this gain:
    Last Thursday my left foot started to feel numb. Moving or massaging it did not help and it's been feeling numb/asleep for over a week. I turned to google and found out that it's a typical symptom of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and other, equally optimistic conditions. I freaked out, got scared, started comforting myself with ... food. Of course!

    Then we had this thing called Open House at work, on Wednesday. First time ever. Quite a big deal considering who was coming. Saying that it's been pretty stressful is a serious understatement. And to make literally everything worse, heat wave reached us on Monday - and yes, it is still very much with us. That open house was mainly outside because of covid. At 98F. More stress = more eating.

    Family disturbances like a need to find a new piano teacher for my daughter (her current teacher decided to go back to Japan) and my teenage son in love thus coming back from dates way too late for his mother's liking (I can't fall asleep until he's back home!) - piece of cake! Right?!

    There's been some other minor issues not even worth mentioning but they all add up...
    I stopped checking the weight until this morning. I expected it to be worse.

    I did not neglect my foot. I saw a doctor yesterday. He excluded multiple sclerosis and diabetes right away as well as neurological reasons. (I was so relieved to learn that, that I ate a bar of white chocolate upon returning home.)
    I am to see a vascular surgeon but there's a long wait time.
    They also tested my blood - lab results show vit B12 deficiency. I already started taking a supplement.

    So here's where I am. Today, with worst-case scenarios out of my head, I've been doing pretty well regarding eating. I am right at my MFP calorie limit and hope not to eat anymore today. I really really hope taking B12 vit supplement helps and this is just vitamin deficiency, not anything more serious.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 30,503 Member
    Hi WNM....Another new member joining your team...Please welcome @Sunflowersong7 :)
  • jugar
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    The August Team Chat is open! Finish up today's weigh-ins here, and go to the new month to introduce yourself, tell everyone about your goals and commitments for August:

  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,233 Member
    The August Habit Tracker is also up and ready to be filled in -


    Think about a few things you really want to commit to this coming month, follow the instructions in the post, then make the check marks grow!
  • browan19
    browan19 Posts: 28 Member
    PW- 205.4
    CW- 203.8

    Steps for the Week:
    Saturday: 5,634
    Sunday: 5,473
    Monday: 11,016
    Tuesday: 10,964
    Wednesday: 11,078
    Thursday: 10,412
    Friday: 4,819
  • melaniedscott
    melaniedscott Posts: 1,054 Member
    Sat weigh day
    PW: 218.9
    CW: 220

    Ooff. So, the last two weeks have been total insanity. The conference was great. I hiked so much.

    The upgrade was fine...we're still adjusting. My big presentation went really well. Apparently, my director has been getting calls all week about how great it was. And it has been non-stop.

    I went to the botanical gardens today to decompress. The weather was lovely. The crazy number of people, not so much. It is a botanical garden, not a playground. Many gorgeous flowers, a couple butterflies.

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