New to low carb, not to PCOS!

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Hey all!

You’re probably sick of the newbies here posting to say hi.. but here I am.

I’m 25, 5’3 and 182lbs. I was diagnosed with PCOS 9 years ago and in 2017 went from 181lbs to 129lbs. Fast forward to now and I’m back up to 182lbs and me and my partner are TTC.

Went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and they’ve basically told me to lose weight, I KNOW I can do it because I’ve done it before just by tracking my calories, but this time round they’ve started me on metformin, and to minimise side effects of that AND my PCOS - I need to follow a low carb life style.
Carbs were a huge part of my weight loss journey last time round so I’m a bit stuck and don’t know where to start. I love carbs… but I’m ready to change my life. I choose me over carbs. I just need support.

That’s a lot about me, please add me. I need some low carb inspiration 😁


  • baconslave
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    Hey sorry. Life has been so hectic this summer. You should check out and join the August challenge thread. And our LaunchPad resource library located in the sticky threads at the top of the Group page.
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    Hi HaleCry! Baconslave pointed you toward the best idea. If you join up on the August challenge, it can help keep you on track and most peole check in there daily or at least every couple days and there will be lots of chit-chat to get involved with. Cheers! You can do it!