Weekly Check in! 9/12 to 9/18

Hi all! Busy week for me. Visited my daughter and her family Sunday through Tuesday and had lots of fun with my grandkids. Driving to Tennessee to visit my other daughter and her fiancé now. It’s a long drive!
Trying to walk and stay on track with my eating while on the road. We stopped and did a hike in Kansas yesterday!

I hope you are all doing well and crushing your goals!!!


  • ktilton70130
    ktilton70130 Posts: 211 Member
    sounds like a great week to me,lol. I love traveling. I love hitting the highway and seeing new places.
  • teelabrown7
    teelabrown7 Posts: 775 Member
    Thanks! I love seeing new places! We have been traveling most of the time since May! We may decide to spend some time at home this fall!