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New Here!

Tabatha_Cain Posts: 4,526 Member
Good Morning. I am new here and hoping to make some friends to chat with. I will be 43 in 15 days and I am looking to make some friends around my age to chat with. I have been working on losing weight since 2019. I was originally down 70 pounds and then covid hit and I gained 30 back. I am now struggling to get down my last 20 pounds back to where I was pre covid and then I can work on getting lower than that if I chose to. I am struggling to maintain my focus and get my workouts in every day and I am struggling to get my weight down. I am in a new relationship and although he is with me on the weight loss he has health issues that sometimes prevent him from going to the gym to work out. I feel lost as to what to do as I want to be with him and take care of him but I do have to take care of myself too. I fight with leaving his side for long. He understands and does not want to stand in my way but I still feel the need to get out there and work out a lot. I need to get this weight off. I just cannot sit by and allow myself to gain the weight back. I just cannot do that.