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    I know you posted this last week but I finally came to catch up. Your story truly resonates and I can’t tell you how much I admire and respect you for your bravery and honesty. I hope you are already feeling the weight lifting.
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    @trooworld @shaunarlr83 yes, I did get to watch the Seahawks but, Lol.... not because I got up early. Lol, my hubby recorded the game. 😂😂

    Hey y'all, today has been an alright day. I was being lazy again for a long while but then decided I'd better get off my booty and at least get a workout done. When I'm done typing this I'm gonna go finish my steps because, I still need 1100 steps to reach goal. I kind of puttered around the house for a bit after that. So, I really didn't accomplish much of anything. In my own defense though, it's football Sunday.

    Oh yeah, I made it to one of the leaderboards. I didn't expect to see that. 😀\

    Thanksgiving Challenge:
    1) 10,000 steps everyday ✔️
    2) Track my food everyday ✔️ (except Thanksgiving day)

    Day 13, today I'm thankful for the unconditional love of my best buddy.

  • megnolia82
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    Sunday weigh in November 13

    SW: 228
    PW: 220
    CW: 219

    I have been a useless group member lately but i am determined not to disappear off into the darkness like I’ve done in the past when I feel guilty over failing to meet my goals and failing to post and comment enough.

    I’m going though a rough couple months But they will get better and I’ll thank myself
    For not giving up.
    Here’s to a better week ahead.

  • Cornanda
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    @laurelfit57 - oh nooooo! Hugs to you! Feel better!

    @shaunarlr83 - You are doing great on setting up your new life.

    @Katmary71 - sounds like you had a nice weekend. Teens are the worst to shop for! Good luck!

    @trooworld- Hope you had fun with your friend. You are going great at getting yourself back on track!

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    Congrats to the whole team for getting 3rd place by percentage and pounds! Way to go team! A special shoutout to @shaunarlr83 @Ftofit @DrewsAnna for leading the way!!!

    @askewcr I love brand-new weeks, it's a chance to start over! Have a great day!

    @Katmary71 I love BBQ food. That sounds fun. My jeans are super tight too, I think they have been that way since I bought them though, I think I bought the wrong size lol. Good luck with the nephews gift!

    @laurelfit57 I thought the same thing and then I got it, too. I'm sorry you got it too. Wow, that is crazy about the grocery store. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs.

    @shaunarlr83 Yes! Me too!!! I'm glad your mom doesn't have the flu or COVID. Pink eye is miserable! Ouch about your tooth, that sounds painful. I'm glad you brought your son to get the papers. Good luck to your son at his new job. I'm sorry your ex suspended your phone, that was rotten. Yay for a brand-new phone! I'm glad everything is falling into place. I'm so excited for you to go to NOLA.

    @DrewsAnna Oh that was great of him, I'm glad you got to enjoy it! Great job reaching your goals!

    @megnolia82 Please don't feel guilty! Some post more than others but there is no posting requirement. So just post when you can! And congrats on the loss.

    @Cornanda Thank you! How was yesterday for you?

    Hi all. Back to work today. I had fun with my friend yesterday, we took a quick but good walk. I didn't do too much else yesterday, just did my nails. Have a great day!

    Thanksgiving Challenge (11/4-11/24) Goals:
    - track 90% of what I eat ✅
    - drink 50 oz of water each day ❌

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Username: Jactop
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW: 198.8
    CW: 197.2
  • shaunarlr83
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    ⚖️WEIGH IN⚖️

    Weigh day Monday
    Previous weight - 185.2
    Current weight - 182.2
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    PW: 193.0
    CW: 192.6
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    Late replies, but still wanted to comment so I feel part of the group hahaha :)
    @shaunalr83 – I am so sorry you felt you had to endure that abuse for so long. I don’t know your personal struggles, but I can assure you that leaving him is the best thing you can do. We all get to our breaking point. Mine was when my ex put a knife to my throat. It feels like your world is crashing down around you, but this way you can pick up the pieces that are meaningful and discard the rest. It’s sad to hear about everyone else in this group that has been in abusive relationships, but comforting to know we are here to hold you up. So thankful to know you have your family surrounding you with love and that your daughter was able to get an affordable apartment so close to family, too. Hugs and love and enjoy NOLA!
    @TeresaW1020 – Hope Joe’s surgery went well and he heals quickly. Also, thank you for the picture of the tree with ribbon. I’m awful with visualizing sometimes! It’s very pretty! Happy to see you back into Onederland, my friend!
    @trooworld – Hope you’re feeling better by now!
    @FushiaKat – I would love to see the wooden advent calendar. I bought some that arrived from England. They are kind of small…haven’t taken them out of the plastic yet, but hoping the tea bags I bought will fit :) They are paper mache and I plan on adding fun papers and embellishments.
    @leonadixon – Hugs!
    @Cornanda– No Zero Days…anything positive is a step in the right direction. I absolutely LOVE your “Why Bother?” list!
    @DrewsAnna – I hope you’re feeling better! You made me chuckle when I read your husband recorded the game for you :)
    @askewcr – I love your positivity!
    @Katmary71 – So glad you had fun and that SIL went, too. Seems like she skips out on a lot of activities.
    @laurelfit57 – Oh what a terrible time of everyone getting sick. Big hugs to you and I hope you feel better soon.
    @megnolia82 – Gurl, I hear ya. Sometimes I feel useless to the group and want to ghost myself. I have been yo-yo-ing between the same numbers and it’s so frustrating. Hang in there and pop in here to chat when you can. No guilt!
    Finally got around to taking my mom to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky for the long weekend. Fun of the place was poo-poo’ed on by my mom not only running me down several times with the scooter we rented her (that she KNEW how to operate because she’s used the same kind before), but at one point pinned me face first to the freaking WALL and kept trying to go forward…running over my ankle and pushing me into the wall harder. Do you know how hard it is to not freaking CUSS at a Christian attraction? UGH! I feel like God would’ve looked past it that time…
    Now I’m doing last minute shopping for Christmas presents for my son and DIL since I’m going there next week for Thanksgiving. My son is the hardest person to shop for…and he’s 27 for cryin’ out loud!
    Anyway, I’ve been doubling down on tracking – the Healthi app allows for tracking calories at the same time as “bites”. I listened to one of their podcasts on Saturday and the very end of the discussion spoke to me. He said, “Trust the system. Either track bites or track calories, but not both.” Ya know, guys, I really needed to hear that. Instead of obsessing, I promptly turned off the calorie counting option and I’m going to trust the system! Here’s to a FANTASTIC week!
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    @shaunarlr83 I'm so glad your family is being supportive and everything is falling into place. I think when times are hard and you're feeling trapped in a situation like you were in it's hard to imagine anything can go better than expected.

    @DrewsAnna I love you being thankful for your best buddy! I need to think of goals like that (and like meditation which I haven't been too good at) versus the active things all the time. Way to go on the leaderboard!

    @megnolia82 You're not useless, don't say that! Comment as much or as little as you'd like, we're always happy to hear from you and there's no right way to do it, it's what works for you. You're definitely not a quitter, keep fighting my friend.

    @trooworld Glad you had a good time with your friend! Well shoot if you bought the wrong size then that really stinks, I swear my washing machine shrunk mine! I think I'm only up 1lb so the dumb things shouldn't be tight but I need to crack down a bit (right before Thanksgiving and Christmas will make that tough though). Glad you're back at work, how are you feeling?

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Tell us about your son, maybe we can help with ideas? I'll have to check out Healthi, that's one I hadn't heard of until you mentioned it. I do think it can be confusing doing two systems and probably pretty overwhelming, I'd imagine those here that have done WW and MFP have felt that way too.

    @Tamevv I get nervous when I can't exercise too, it makes it harder when I'm used to my habits of the last four years going together. I hope your flare-up has calmed down. I think there's something about swimming that makes people hungrier than almost any other activity, at least that's always been the case with me.

    @Askewcr I love your post, glad you're on the bandwagon, let's put some glue on those feet so you don't go anywhere! Seriously you've been in this group for awhile and you're doing great, keep up the awesome work and positive outlook. Let's get it!

    @laurelfit57 Hugs my friend, sounds like you've been through a lot of stress with everyone around you being sick. Wonder what the deal is with the store, I remember with the start of the pandemic I was freaked out at my staples like beans and lettuce being gone. It was explained to me how your immune system is recognizing and fighting the new vaccine when you get the flu shot which is why you don't feel well (of course being around sick people you could be sick as well). I hope you're feeling better when you read this.

    Hi everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday went well. I had a great time with Bill here though we did a lot of shopping. My diet wasn't bad but the drinks with it added up so I can't say I did well, when you gain at 1600 calories you don't have much wiggle room! I did work out every day just cut it back a little. We went to this big flea market yesterday and they had produce for real cheap, I got a bunch of persimmons and pears for 50 cents a lb which is just crazy, I wish the market wasn't so much walking or I'd just go there every week. Bill left today. Hey who told me about Where The Crawdads Sing having something that wasn't in the book that she wasn't happy about? We watched The Watcher (good) on Netflix, finished catching up with Cobra Kai, watched a Lord of the Rings movie, and rented Elvis. I have to catch up on Yellowstone as Bill is on season 1 so I didn't make him sit through 2 hours (plus don't want him to know who's still alive). I went to the nursery and picked up some cover crop seeds, pok choy, and lettuce then have some seeds to start so tomorrow's a garden day for sure. Have a great week team!

    Thanksgiving goals:
    Meditate- didn't do today
    Extend stretching- didn't do today
    Keep up weights- did do
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    Hey y'all!

    Went and did some grocery shopping today andgot some fruits & veggies. I'm really bad at eating my veggies because, they are definitely not my faves. There's so many I won't eat and then the ones I will eat, hubby won't. Grrr, feels like a vicious cycle. Anyway, I noticed how bad I really am about eating them because of the habit tracker. So, that is really something to work on. I stocked up on them today and tomorrow I will chop them up for easy access.

    I was slacking on steps today so, after dinner, I put on my , turned up the music and did some speed walking for about 25 min. till I reached goal. I really like walk/dancing or dance/walking lol, anyways..... now I'm babbling.... y'all have a great evening.

    Thanksgiving Challenge:
    1) 10,000 steps everyday ✔️
    2) Track my food everyday ✔️ (except Thanksgiving day)

    Day 14, today, I'm thankful for making good choices at the grocery store because, I was shopping while hungry.

  • megnolia82
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    Good morning everyone!
    Let’s have a great day today. My goal is to track calories. I really fell off the wagon, but I know it works for me!
  • Cornanda
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    I'm sitting here drinking two cups of coffee at once.... I poured myself one, then went out to the living room and hubby had already poured me one...... sounds like heaven, right @19shmoo69 ?

    I had a pretty good day yesterday. I still snack too much when hubby doesn't work at home. When I get bored I find myself looking for something crunchy and salty. Yesterday I substituted an apple at one of those times and that worked OK. I'm going to work on fighting this habit.

    I printed out my Why Bother note and will read it each am to start the day in a good place.

    Happy Tuesday all!

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    Good morning! It’s another quick check-in. It’s been a busy week and today I’ve promised Joe that I will help him with his Medicare and supplemental insurance for next year. I know nothing since he has always taken care of this and now it’s way over his head. I’m sure I will figure it out. I’m hoping for a small loss tonight at TOPS. Have a great day! :)
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    @Katmary71 – Thanks for offering to help, but I talked to my son last night and he finally said he could use a new winter coat since they will be moving to Indiana in January. I told him we’ll go shopping for one when I get there so he can pick out exactly what he wants. Regarding Where the Crawdads Sing, I had mentioned that there needed to be more in the movie about the relationship she had with Mabel and her husband and the time she spent with them in their part of town. P.S. I agree with what you said to @Tamevv because swimming always makes me feel famished!
    @DrewsAnna – Maybe prepare the veggies differently? For instance, I love roasted or steamed broccoli, but hate it raw. They really do taste differently when they are cooked vs raw. Just a thought…
    @Cornanda – Great idea printing out your note :)
    Well, everyone, I did really good yesterday up until I went to Chili’s for dinner with my oldest daughter. I succumbed to chips and salsa! I’m just considering those my Weeklies (Bites), though, so I’m still good. I had a great conversation with her. I don’t get to see her nearly enough.
    Time is flying by way too fast and I haven’t even started my Thanksgiving cards yet! I’ll get started on those this evening, so hopefully that will keep my mind off snacking :) Tomorrow is my remote work day, which is nice because we just had a winter storm warning issued that starts at 3am and goes through 11am on Thursday. Michigan is such a mess. Good thing I’m used to it! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic afternoon!
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    User: FushiaKat
    Weigh In Day: Tuesday
    PW: 142.2
    CW: 142.2

    OMG I bought a size 8 skirt that has no stretch to it and it fits perfectly. https://amazon.com/gp/product/B0B5L2NJ4H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the advent calendar I bought for hub. The drawers are really deep, and I love they are different sizes.
    Life is pretty good at the moment; I thought I lost some money but then remembered I gave it to hub for repayment for something he bought. Now I need to get more money for our anniversary. I'm only averaging about 2800 steps a day right now; I was having a flare but I'm feeling better. My car went to the dealership for recall work, and they could not get the hood open for 3 days. It's fixed now but their communication is nonexistent. I just read the work order and it stated to replace the cable, I thought they were going to take care of that for me. Now I need to make an appointment to get the cable replaced.
    I switched to a Medicare Advantage plan this year, I wish I would have switched sooner. Medicare has a plan finder, just enter your doctor's and medications and it will suggest different plans. Then I opted for the Prime plan. The monthly payment is automatically deducted. Before I was paying for Medicare, a drug plan and a supplemental plan. So far, I like the plan I just need to plan for prior authorizations.
    It's cold here so I bought some long skirts. I love them, and some sweaters too.
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    @DrewsAnna I'm glad the habit tracker is showing you where you can make improvements, chopping veggies sounds like a great plan. It IS hard when you eat different stuff than your husband. You go with speed walking, woohoo! You ever want some walks or dances I have some playlists I can share!

    @megnolia82 Happy Tuesday my friend, you got this!

    @Cornanda I was wondering if you were going to say you brought Darren one of the coffee cups! Do you think you're snacking when you're alone out of boredom or does it help having him there to stay in line? I'm curious because when my boyfriend leaves I have a little chow down session (not quite bingeing but it definitely helped that opening the Trader Joe cookies sounds just like opening Temptations treats and I couldn't keep getting the kitties excited because I was overeating), we eat fairly healthy so I'm not sure why I keep doing that. I know some of it is I don't want to eat like mad in front of him but I eat healthy when he's not here too.

    @TeresaW1020 Good luck with the weigh in and the insurance!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I'm glad your son gave you a good and useful idea. I agree with you, they didn't go too deep into their relationship. Have you seen Watchers on Netflix? It's not a horror but you may like it, it's based on a true story. So glad you had a great time with your daughter.

    @FushiaKat So glad you bought new clothes and you're loving them, it's nice how you view clothes differently after losing weight vs. being such a chore (at least I felt that way) before. I keep thinking of you when I go to the Roseville flea market that has a bunch of produce for crazy good prices, you would love it! You got me eating strawberries earlier than normal which I really appreciate since my gum surgeries I couldn't have them afterward.

    Hi team! I had an awful time sleeping last night but because of it I got in a lot of early morning reading. Had a great workout then worked then spent a few hours in the yard and watched the new Yellowstone, I got most of the seeds I've harvested organized but still have more stuff to do outdoors. Food was good today, I had a munchie attack last night which I've done a few times now after Bill leaves, not sure why but I'm back on track today. Have a great Wednesday!
  • DrewsAnna
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 stay safe during that storm and thank you for the suggestion. I'll Google recipes for cooking veggies. Thank you again.

    @Katmary71 I'm going to have to take you up on that. Thank you.

    Hey y'all! It was a nice day today, sunshine and 53° so, I decided to take my best buddy out. It was nice, mostly peaceful and a great day for a walk. I like going walking on the back roads around here. I was really procrastinating so, I suited up my buddy (his harness, leash & collar) and off we went. We both enjoyed really enjoyed it.
    When I looked back at my dairy, I was impressed with myself. Lol, I had a good day 😀 now, on the flip side WW changed their plan again and one of my favorite meals went from being 5 pts to 9 pts. Oh well, at least they gave me more points than I did have.

    Thanksgiving Challenge:
    1) 10,000 steps everyday ✔️
    2) Track my food everyday ✔️ (except Thanksgiving day)

    Day 15, today I'm thankful for the sunshine that brightens our days.

    Have a great evening!!
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    Weigh in: Tuesday
    PW: 138.5
    CW: 136

    11/08: 16,990
    11/09: 14,418
    11/10: 10,013
    11/11: 8,903
    11/12: 11,167
    11/13: 7,434
    11/14: 4,615

    It took me 4 tries but I finally beat @shaunarlr83 this week, lol. (Apple Watch 7-day challenge). I see a lot of losses to far this week, good job guys. Maybe we’ll get to the top of the leaderboards as a team this week. Back to 136 and hoping to stay on track and hit a new low… feels like it’s been a while.
  • Cornanda
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    @Katmary71 - I think it's both. When I'm focused I'm not thinking about food. And since his desk is right near the pantry, he's gonna comment if I eat too many snacks. And I'm OK with that. It's good for me! I'm trying to find other things to do when I feel bored, like take a few walks around the patio and reading a page in a book.

    (I work from home 5 days a week and he does 3 days a week- we joke about meeting up in the break room)

    There are times I feel like bingeing a bit when my daughter goes back to school- because it makes me sad- that has gotten better with some time, but not sure that will happen for you because BF are very different than daughters as you well know. Hang in there my friend!

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