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    Wednesday Weigh In
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    Thank you! I am not sure either, maybe the birds ate them. A lot of the mixes said to just spread the seeds out and then push them down a bit with something flat so they touch the soil properly. Maybe they got washed away from watering. So now I just made small grooves and covered them up and that went much better. Thankfully I still had seeds left over.
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    @TexanMom8152 You are so close! Cheering for you!

    @Pupowl sorry about Tinus and you not feeling that great either. I hope his injections help. It is hard to see a loved animal hurt. I wish they could talk, I'm sure Tinus enjoys all the birds and butterflies you share in your photographs.

    My son went to Chicago yesterday with some friends to see a Cubs baseball game. The air quality is so poor from the wildfires it was the worst in the world yesterday. We've been lucky so far in Colorado.
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    @pupowl — Gorgeous photos! 🤩🤩🤩

    Tinus is fortunate to have you looking out for him. I hope the injections give him some relief. ❤️‍🩹

    I’ve been thinking of you so I was glad to see your update but I’m sorry to hear the weather has lowered your energy level and caused headaches. Is it low blood pressure that causes the headaches?

    I hope there is an improvement in the weather for you and others who are experiencing such high temperatures. It has been hot and humid here, but we had a rainstorm last night so today feels a little better.

    Best wishes, everyone!
  • Pupowl
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    @SavageMrsMoose Thank you! The oral painkillers we had didn't work very well anymore, he was still limping the whole of Monday. Thankfully yesterday I saw a huge improvement and today I can't tell anymore so hope that means he is painfree.
    @PatriceFitnessPal Sunday was our last really hot day. We also got some rain which is nice. Managed to get some decent sleep as well. My headaches are just from the heat and the sun and lack of sleep I think. But who knows really. I have headaches every day, but it just gets so much worse in summer.
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    Hey y'all:

    No storm damage just some branches down from the neighbor's tree in my yard...last night wasn't as bad as Monday's were...appreciate everyone's kindness in your comments and positive thoughts for me. I felt I'll be honest...other than when the lightning was crazy around 3am, I slept through the rest of it.

    Today, it's hot as you-know-where...I can't complain, as I feel really bad for anyone in Texas...triple digits and hotter than anywhere else on earth, other than the Sahara Desert I just heard on the news...CRAZY...climate change don't play!

    I just walked for a half hour...gotta do another bout before bed...trying to walk the treadmill in front of the fan is all I can do...very hectic day at work...two more days and then looking forward to a quiet weekend...two days off for good behavior! LOL Sucks that my boss is off on Monday because I was hoping to take it...we're off Tuesday for Independence Day...will help to break up the week...

    Hope everyone has a nice evening tonight!

  • Pupowl
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    @Armygirlarmyof1 Thank you. Hopefully it progresses slowly and we will have plenty more time together. I take a lot of pictures of him already, so sharing them wont be a problem. I am glad you are feeling better.
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. Here is the card for today. Happy Thursday everyone <3
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    Good Morning,
    June 26 Steps= 8541
    June 27 steps= 6740
    June 28 steps= 12,334

    I only walked to work on Mon & Tues. I got my daughter to pick me up after my shift as my headache was still hanging around. Yesterday was first day without waking up with a headache. Have a great day everyone!
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