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    I'm feeling pretty miserable which isn't usually like me.I had another repeat cholesterol test to see if I could bring my levels down just through diet changes.So after quitting butter,cheese & trying to reduce saturated fat,my levels have only gone down from 6.2 to 6.1.So now the nurse is going to recommend statins.
    Now I know most people over 60 are on statins but I suspect that when my Mum was on them for many years they maybe caused some of her problems.Eg memory loss,neuropathy,muscle pain.
    When I'm trying my best to keep active,eat well its just frustrating that my body has let me down.It was hard when I had to take BP medication & now this.
    Maybe it's familial & I can't do anything else but take statins to keep me healthy.
    Sorry for the rant but I needed to let out my frustration.😡

    It's quite possible it's genetic. Hang in there hunny. Also, see if there's something other than statins for your cholesterol because I have had several close friends that have been on them before and had other issues develop. You don't have to settle.
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    Cyncia1028 Step Share

    Mon 8/28 =7,585
    Tues 8/29 = 3,822
    Wed 8/30 = 2,688
    Thurs 8/31 = 5,070

    Lots happened this week. I had evening class on Tues, Wed, and Thurs which you can see that in my steps. I am in an accounting role - so end of month activities. Wednesdays and Thursdays I have health appointments during my lunch - can't take a walk on my lunch break. I had a pilates session at 6 am this morning. Trouble sleeping last night + early AM workout = I'm feeling it now, so hopefully I fall asleep fairly easily tonight.

    I've got an assignment due this evening for one of my courses and then I'm off to celebrate a childhood friend's birthday. I'd like to catch up on the posts if I have time this evening. I will for sure catch up on all the posts tomorrow (Saturday). I owe @Pupowl a picture of some puzzles.

    September is here and a new month for our group and our teams. Looking forward to supporting everyone in their September goals. :smile:
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    PW 188.5
    CW 190.5

    Admins please excuse next Friday’s weigh in because we will be out of town.
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    Pupowl wrote: »
    Hello Shape Shifters. No walk for me on Wednesday. Forecast said it would rain all day, which wasn't true so I could have gone in the early morning. It was fine though and I had a relaxing day with Tinus. I also got my new shoes, so I was really excited to try them out on Thursday. I am so happy I got them. They fit well and were comfortable right from the start. I just did my usual walk, no need to break them in at all. Almost all the pain I had is gone, except for a small amount in my right heel. That makes me a lot happier to start my walks in the morning. Also noticed my feet in general felt less tired after the walk on the new shoes. It was quite muddy and wet in the forest, but my socks stayed dry. I had a really good time with them! They come with an insole you can remove, though I will keep those in for now.
    Hopefully my feet can heal up in the autumn and winter and then in the spring I would like to go back to my Vapor Gloves. I still prefer those because it barely feels like you are wearing anything which is just super nice. The Bootee M's are a bit heavier and more shoe which is really useful now and they are better for the colder and wet days so I think it is good to have both. Happy Friday everyone <3

    Since you have heel pain, perhaps just add a thin gel insert to give a little extra cooling and padding? Just a thought @Pupowl...glad you're happy with the new shoes! Hugs to Tinus!!!

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    Hello Teams! The September Habit Tracker is up and ready to go. Please follow the steps at
    and enjoy keeping up with your commitments!
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    Time to get ready to jump to the new month! The September team chat is open - please continue to weigh in and post stats right herebthrough Saturday. Go to the new month for (re)introductions, goal setting, and making your intentions known!
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    I am sorry to hear lowering your cholesterol didn't work! If you really want to give it another go, you could cut out all animal products and see how that goes. Might be a hard switch to make, though there are a lot of good alternatives for meat out there. Fish is generally also a better option. Have you tried tracking your daily cholesterol intake? I read this online since you eat eggs: "Health experts now suggest eating as little dietary cholesterol as you can, aiming to keep intake under 300 milligrams (mg) a day. One large egg has about 186 mg of cholesterol." Anyway, feel free to throw all this out of the window, maybe you have already looked into all of this. But just wanted to mention that there are still ways left for you to try to work it out with your diet. Of course you could also just be right that it is familial. Hope you find a solution that you are happy with <3
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    @jessicakrall8 I am pretty happy with my shoes now and they already have an insole. I didn't think icing it would help, but I read online that it can. So I will give that a go after my walks. :smile: I am also going to start stretching after my walks because I never do that. Even if the pain doesn't get less now, I think this is very manageable and I can at least keep walking!
    @Cyncia85 Yes, would love to see the puzzle! I didn't forget about it. :smile:
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    Sat weigh in
    PW 138.8
    CW 137.6
    I am halfway to goal 😀 which I may review as I'm alot older now since I made that goal several years ago.I know it switches all your settings on MFP so will look into it.
    Thank you for your supportive comments @Armygirlarmyof1 & @Pupowl .I have calmed down a bit now & when I read the text from the doctor she said make a routine appointment with the nurse not an urgent one.Thanks for the tips though,I've got time to research more.I thought eggs were OK but as I have one every morning then maybe I should alternate them with something else.I no alcohol can make a difference to how your liver deals with cholesterol so its something I can reduce.
    @Pupowl & @jessicakrall8 could I be excused from the next 4 weeks of weigh ins.I am off to my second home the Greek Islands again,lucky me !! I just hope I don't put on all the weight I've lost the last 5 weeks.I am going to try & continue to reduce my saturated fat intake,so greek salad without the feta.My hubby doesn't like cheese so I usually end up eating the whole portion.I do want to continue with the Step Challenge please at 10,000 steps as its 30 degrees there.I can swim everyday though which I love,especially in the sea.
    My steps
    8/28 11,923
    8/29 13,499
    8/30 16,176
    8/31 18,846
    9/1 15,286
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    9/1 13,570
    Stuck in an airport for over 9 hrs yesterday with flights on then off then somewhere else, got 2 hours of sleep, but finally home - our luggage, however, did not follow
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    @izzyred9400 My Mom was on Statins, I think Lipitor, and she broke out in a really odd body wide rash that the doctor called 'hives' and told her that it was unrelated to the drug. It was really terrible.

    I have high cholesterol, if I recall my 'bad' number was 220 - but that's my dense memory, there is no meat in my diet now. I still eat some stupid high-fat food sometimes (CHEESE) but I'm trying to get a handle on it and be pretty strict WFPB. It always takes me awhile to fully adopt anything, so I might be in the vegetarian zone for a long time or ever - but I don't digest milk or eggs too well so mostly Vegan - I guess I eat some local tuna now and then. I bought a bag of kale. It's insane I never thought this day would come. Anyway I haven't had my blood work redone to see if it has come down. It's a tricky wicket. Doctors have to weigh a lot of pros and cons I'm guessing like family history, personal history, risk assessment, etc. So not medical advice, but join me on the plant based bus if you like! :D

    I have IBD and it feels like I'm wrestling with this or some other medical issue every week and my goal is to have some kind of super health I think, lol - I get so mad about it though sometimes and feel like giving up and sitting in my chair all day and reading a book or watching Youtube documentaries about lizard people "LIZZAD PEEPLE!" My latest day dream is to move to blue zone Okinawa (with the amazing beaches, palm trees, and fresh breezes) and eat nothing but purple sweet potatoes ;-P I would be willing to suffer on a beach for my health ;-P (Problem with Japan living is that I can't handle eating Soy, doh...of course...I'm probably allergic to sweet potatoes come to find out too, just my luck...but still...still I am willing to sit on a beach!).

    Good luck to you, I get the frustration!
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    I moved my scale today and it went down 6lbs. Omgosh, I wish I had done that before weigh in last week. *sigh*
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    Missing 3 weigh ins this week! New month starts tomorrow, so please check in asap. Also remember to sign up for the step challenge if you want to join again in September. We don't automatically carry people over for that.
    @TexanMom8152 Missed last week as well
    @Jlswensen Saturday weigh in, so not late yet I guess :smile:
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    GENTLE REQUEST from one of your Captains...

    If you cannot commit to reporting in every 2-3 days for the Step Challenge, please do not sign up. I'm sorry to be blunt, but it's a really simple request...with all the statistical recording we do on a daily basis, please make it just a little easier by staying on top of your stats.

    Thank you to those who report in regularly and I probably don't say this enough...THANK YOU!
  • Armygirlarmyof1
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    Saturday steps 4352.
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    @Pupowl - I need to be excused for the weigh in this week. I forgot to weigh before I went on a 10mile training run this morning so my weight is off due to water loss. Sorry

    If you would prefer to use the average weight for the week, it would be 208.5
  • jessicakrall8
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    Hi @izzyred9400 since you'll be out the whole month of Sept, we're moving you to the support'll still be active in the step challenge. Enjoy your vacation and the week before your return, please text or IM me to let me know when you'll be back and I'll get you moved back to active. Have fun!
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    8/30 Wednesday: 6,746
    8/31 Thursday: 5,329
    9/1 Friday: 18,317
    9/2 Saturday: 14,651
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