Lets Get Active

tekwriter Posts: 923 Member
I was just reading the last post and we are not very active any more. I don't think it means none of us are struggling I just think we are all busy. Maybe if we just try to post a little and keep things kicking. Anyone struggling with their plan?

I have tried paleo and lo carb and Atkins for the last few months. i have only gained weight. Not because the plans don't work, I just can't stick with them. To me they are restricted. Today for example I had my lunch all planned out a nice tuna salad on lettuce leafs and a jazz apple. I got busy at work and couldn't get free. I had to get ready for my yearly eye exam and by the time all was done I ran out of the house with a pack of crackers. I stayed in my cals though. I need that flexibility to be able to eat what I want within reason. I am diabetic so I am trying to cut down on night eating. any one have ideas? I tried to limit it to two snacks but if my sugar is high I feel like I am starving.