New Doctor - Yay or Nay

Hey everyone!!! I am so sorry that i have not been coming around but I finally got a new job!! WHOOT WHOOT HAPPY DANCE BUT it made life a bit crazed. I am now settled in and can get back to things Doctor Who. So we have the 12th, Peter Capaldi and I am wondering what your thoughts are in this matter. I am finding the newer fans like the fact the Dr. was younger, bit funnky ,but I like Peter C., he was in the Pompeii episode as well (so was Karen Gillium as chance would have it)
I think it will be interesting to see what happens.
What are your thoughts guys? :glasses:


  • tabbykat6802
    tabbykat6802 Posts: 233 Member
    I will have to wait and see how he does before I can form a good opinion. I just saw him in a Torchwood episode(catching up) and he seemed to be ok. I just wish we didn't have to wait soo long to see him in action!!
  • 2muchchocncrisps
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    We will see! He has some mighty big shoes to fill - but then I say that every time the Dr is recast and they've all been brilliant!
  • scrapmonkey
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    I agree - I want to wait and see how he does, but I feel like the waiting is such a long time! I hope they air the Christmas special here in the US, as that will be his first appearance I believe.
  • Rena42
    Rena42 Posts: 66 Member
    I say yay! I wasn't so keen on Matt Smith because I really liked David Tennent in the role, but he won me over. Matt did an amazing job and it will be hard to see him go. Peter Capaldi was great in the Pompeii episode. I'm sure he'll be a great Dr. I can't wait for the 50th anniversary special and the new season!
  • toutmonpossible
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    The choice could have been more adventurous, but having seen Peter Capaldi's work in the Pompeii episode and The Hour series, among other things, I think I'll like him.

    I started watching around the end of the David Tennant era. He was extremely good, as was Matt Smith, but the Matt Smith episodes were enhanced by his cohort of Amy, Rory, and River Song. They were all great characters.
  • pennydreadful270
    pennydreadful270 Posts: 266 Member
    He is going to be awesome. He's a great actor, he's Scottish, he's interesting, he's a total silver fox. Cannot wait!
  • BJPCraig
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    It's so hard to judge in advance; I thought I was going to HATE Matt Smith. Instead his play on the character took me back to the days of Tom Baker, my first Doctor. But the few things I've seen him in have shown me that he's a terrific actor, and going back to an older doctor might be nice because I'm getting a little fed up with the companions always falling in love with the Doctor (well, except for Donna, but that's one of the reasons I loved her character).

    One change I'm hoping we'll see soon: The companions are supposed to TRAVEL with the Doctor. This new thing where they have their own lives and then go jaunting off with the Doctor for a weekend jaunt. I was willing to accept it with Amy and Rory, but now that Clara's doing it, enough is enough.
  • Roxmom66
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    I definitely say YAY to the new doctor. Looking forward to the new season.
  • Thumbs Up for the new Doctor :smooched:
  • johnwhitent
    johnwhitent Posts: 648 Member
    Two seasons later - YES! An unqualified two thumbs up!