ISO of TOPS Friends

I'm new to MFP and attend TOPS in Hampstead, Maryland. Will you friend me?

Love my local chapter but only a few are active on MVP. More friends seems to equal more support.

Thanks so much!


  • susan9
    susan9 Posts: 47 Member
    Hi. I belong to TOPS in Naperville, IL. We have a few members who use MFP. I like it because it is easy to log my food journal here. It olso syncs with my fitbit.
  • lwallTOPS
    lwallTOPS Posts: 4 Member
    Thanks Susan! I lost weight when I first joined TOPS in 2009 but have gained it back.
    Hoping MFP is the tool to help me lose these pounds again.
  • katelynal
    Hi there, ladies! I joined TOPS in April and someone told me about MFP on the first night. I have been using both as my support since then. I think that it is kind of like having a belt AND suspenders (extra support!) :) I think it is working since I have been my chapter's biggest loser each month since April. Not sure if I am going to make it for September, however.

    Sending you both a friend request!
  • waterlibby
    waterlibby Posts: 30 Member
    Hi, not sure how active you guys are still, but
    I would love to have some MFP friends who are also TOPS members:)
  • nmleisa
    nmleisa Posts: 93 Member
    I would love some TOPS friends too :) If you'd like a new TOPS friend in New Mexico feel free to friend me :)
    CSEGUIN2 Posts: 5,646 Member
    Hi! I am new to MFP. I have been a member of TOPS since Nov2018 and am almost at goal. I hope I can get lots of support here to make goal and maintain. I have about 20 lbs depending on the goal I choose.
  • lah1950
    lah1950 Posts: 1 Member
    I have been a member of MFP for several years. I have been been a TOPS member for twenty six years. I reached my goal weight six years ago but then had several joint replacement surgeries and gained some of my weight back. I'm back to tracking my food again and doing more exercise.