Cold Medicine and Dumping

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I am four years post RNY and I still dump if I eat even a very small amount of sugar. Most cough and cold liuids (Nyquil, Robitussin, etc...) have sugar in them. I play the game of trying to take enough to have it work and not enough to make me ill. Some nights I try to avoid taking them and I am up all night coughing until it is too late to take the darned stuff and still work in this am.

What do people who have this problem do about cough drops and throat lozenges? I do get the sugar free halls and other sugar free cough drops/vitamin c drops, however, even one each hour will lead to gas and cramping from the sugar alcohols. Does anyone have a herbal/all natural cough drop or throat drop that they like? Heck, I don't even have to like it, but I have to stop coughing. I already hurt like I have bruised ribs from coughing so hard :sad:

I know this isn't nutrition or exercise related, I just don't have a wide range of friends who have had WLS out there other than MFP :ohwell:


  • suzend
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    Wish I could help. I don't have much of problem with dumping on sugar. I get it from eating pasta too fast and then having a sneezing fit ( happens all too often) where the pasta gets stuck.

    I do know they make sugar-free cough medicine, but the sugar alcohol may affect you like the sugar-free cough drops and lozenges.
  • annwyatt69
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    Diabetic Tussin from Walgreens has NO sugar alcohols or sugar in it. It tastes AWFUL, but it works well. Other than that, a prescription from a doctor would be my only guess. My problem with cold meds isn't dumping, but the way they affect the blood sugar since I'm a type I diabetic.

    You can google it--it has no sodium, no sorbitol, no fructose, and is dye free.