ketogenic questions

Lizzard_77 Posts: 232 Member
Ok, I have decided to slowly attempt the plunge into ketosis. I mean, slowly as I am currently at 50-75 (sometimes a little more) carbs per day. I am not ready yet but am trying to be concious and reduce my carb intake over a period of time. My husband, who is surprisingly in support of ketosis but not in support of my extended desire for a primal lifestyle, thinks it would be a great idea to help me drop the lbs, but feels it is dangerous if i do it for too long.

I have some friends here who have been doing it for awhile and some who just started but all seem knowledgable and enthusiastic about it. I have been doing some web research and bought/ordered a few books, namely The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner.

My question: What can be the side effects, is this dangerous, how does your body know to burn the fat on your body and not the large amounts of fat you are eating?

My mom and I are super close and she has been on board with me through this process, Whole30 to Paleo to Primal/WAPF. She even is "watching her carbs and sugar intake (she lost a bunch of weight when she was serious about it). But she is really concerned about ketosis and keeps referencing how the Atkins diet killed the creator. She doesn't understand fat adaptability and is concerned about my cholesterol and BP, both have gone down amazingly since I started this, but for some reason this next move really freaks her out. My answer right now is, if my body feels bad then I won't/don't do it, everything is feuled by how my body reacts to it. I would really like to have a better answer.