TheBrolympus Posts: 586 Member
I am trying to get into trail running and I have done a few runs and love it. However, I am finding my Brooks Ghosts are NOT suited for trail running. The soles are not stiff enough and running over rocks is not comfortable on my feet.

So what are y'all running in?


  • KurtK1970
    KurtK1970 Posts: 50 Member
    I'm kind of in the same boat. I bought just regular running shoes, and now kind of wish I had bought trail running shoes.
    My biggest issue is that when the grass is dewy in the morning and I go for a run, my feet are soaked within minutes. I guess I need trail running shoes, too.
  • emblu
    emblu Posts: 272 Member
    try this having a nosey at this
    I run in adidas kanadia tr 5, the last pair i had were fantastic whereas this model are not as cushioned though still good, if i had the money i'd buy brooks or salomon....well just a better pair of shoes for longer distances
  • St_Paul
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    I have regular running shoes at the moment - they're nice for road or crushed limestone, but once I hit the tougher they just didn't hold up. I buy new shoes once a year - I'm definitely making the switch for next season (the winter here makes the trail impassable - unless you have snow shoes!).