Recipes please

Lizzard_77 Posts: 232 Member
I feel like we need a recipe section for this group but regardless, here is my question. I do a weekly plan on Tuesday usually for a Wednesday shop with a Friday follow up small shop. This week I picked up a beautiful Lamb and sage sausage and Pork tenderloin from one of my local farmers. I would like to do a crockpot meal on Friday since I will be out most of the day (teaching a my bestie's 3 yr old to make kombucha and water kefir, yay). But anywho, does any one have any recipes for either or thought on which one would be better in the slow cooker? I have done tenderloin in there with no problems, just want new ideas. I don't want to ruin this beautiful lamb sage sausage so would like input for that. My hubs and i don't eat onions or their counterparts except garlic or pepper unless spicy so fire away :)