Your favourite turbo fire routine

Melionfire Posts: 343 Member
I figured since we are all doing turbo fire we can share which routines we love and why. For me it is fire 45. Every time I do that one I am smiling and full of energy. The combos were easy for me to learn and left me in a puddle of sweat!!!! For toning it would have to be tone 30. I love hate the core work at the end and feel so much stronger afterwards!!!


  • peglove1007
    peglove1007 Posts: 4 Member
    I love Fire 55EZ by far. I also have a love/hate relationship with any and all core workouts.
  • Melionfire
    Melionfire Posts: 343 Member
    I hear you!!! I love how strong my core feels after and it corrects my posture but boy does it hurt!!!!!