Are you bored??

I've hit phase 3 and my motivation has really taken a nose dive. I was hoping and expecting some new exercises and it's the same ones as the other phases. Is anyone else getting bored with this? Some of the exercises I really dispise and dislike doing them.

How are you all dealing with it? Do you just do others you prefer instead?


  • sclaibo
    sclaibo Posts: 136 Member
    I'm now in stage 5 and even in stage 3, i hated most of the workouts in B. For the ab exercises at the end, I do my own b/c i wasn't getting anything out of it (however, love the side crunches on the swiss ball). I took someone's advice to add 25lb weights to back extensions which helped! I also stopped doing prone cobra altogether b/c i felt as though it was wasting my time! I also don't like the partial leg squats and may start adding weights when doing that on the box. I know it seems like i am complaining, which I am, but for the most part, if there is room to increase weights, then i will for a tougher workout.
  • tessa175
    tessa175 Posts: 170 Member
    I did hit a wall in stage 3, there were some exercises I just didn't like, but I pushed past it by telling myself stage 4 would be more fun. Partial leg squats were really hard on my knees so I substituted a hamstring exercise instead, and I also added weight to the back extensions almost immediately to make them more challenging, it helped a bit. Basically I just grit my teeth and got through it.
  • jamifishie
    jamifishie Posts: 26 Member
    I'm a little happy to be finishing with stage 3, especially Workout B. The YTWLs were just tedious, and I never felt like I was really working especially hard. On the other hand, I loved workout A -- the dumbbell snatches were super fun, and my love-hate relationship with the body weight matrix left me feeling very accomplished.

    I think that's the nice thing about NRLW, though -- as soon as you really get bored, you move to the next stage.

    Also, I've never done prone cobras. I do supermans instead and feel those EVERYWHERE.
  • carrietehbear
    carrietehbear Posts: 384 Member
    I'm in stage 2 and I'm bored. Switching between just 2 different workouts is odd to me.