How was your first week?

jeepie98 Posts: 114 Member
I feel fantastic & more energetic! I'm down 2.4 lbs! :noway:
Thanks everyone for the encouragement & support! :flowerforyou:
How did everyone else do?


  • Melionfire
    Melionfire Posts: 343 Member
    I feel much more energetic and I smile through the workouts. This week I didn't lose weight but I'm sure it will come. I had lost 8 lbs In 2 weeks before starting so I knew there was going to be a slow down. Plus I was walking 3 to 4 days a week and working out but the weather was horrible so I didn't get to walk:(. Think I will start doing the elliptical on those days. This week. Have aerobics on mon and wen plus turbo.
  • Kati0427
    Kati0427 Posts: 66 Member
    Great job on the loss Lora! I am down 5 lbs, but that was the 5 lbs I gained last weekend. I'm okay with that though because I got all of them back off and am ready to start working on new losses! I feel more energetic when I do the workouts too and keep pushing myself through them. I missed Fire 30 and was planning on doubling up today, but I ended up not getting to it. Tomorrow is a new day and a new week and my goal is to fit all of the workouts in and to keep an eye on what I am eating. I am going to LA in 2 weeks and would LOVE to drop 5 more lbs before then, but I'd be happy with any loss!